Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jay Chow Endorsed Instant Noodles

I was thinking of resigning from blogging for a while to get more inspiration. Would that be a good idea?
Product endorsements by celebrities usually help to get consumers like us to buy products that we otherwise usually would not buy. From the high-involvement products like cars (Brad Pitt for Toyota) to the ones that require less thought like beverages (Cecilia Cheung for Coca-Cola).

However, you would be discouraged to buy products endorsed by celebrities that sucked with what they do and/or have attitudes that would normally be categorized as the “jerk/bitch”. Examples include Britney Spears (Pepsi), Paris Hilton (Carl’s Jr) and F4 (Yamaha Motorbikes). Note: the product may simply just sucked too.

One particular celebrity that surprised me with was Jay Chow. You see, gay cow Jay Chow featured in a number of commercials in Taiwan, but one of his endorsements shocked the shit out of me.

Yes, he featured on instant noodles.

What the fuck; is he really that desperate to get everybody’s attention?? For him to endorse Pepsi I understand la with the celebrity trend and the heavy challenge against Coke, but INSTANT NOODLES!? Wah lao eh….

I saw this while I was in Australia. Curious, I brought it and try it. I mean, how crap can it be? Artificial beef flavoured…can’t go wrong with it right?

Inside, you get the artificial flavour soup powder and the beef stock and oil. In addition, it also comes with a couple of maggot-look-alikes that still this day and age I have no clue what the hell it is.

So, I cooked it along with an egg and three prawn balls.

The taste? In a word:


The soup itself looked crap. The noodles are fine, but the soup is…tasteless. It’s like you can even make out the taste of the beef flavour. Such a hame really; I never thought there’s an instant noodle I need to boycott on.

Give him credit for being the first celebrity I know to endorse in a product like instant noodles. Actually, give the Uni-President brand credit for thinking up ideas like this (though I could be wrong; some other brands might have done it earlier). But past the face of his popularity, the product is simply not right.

For all his gay cow face faceless acting and his “smiling is uncool” policy, must he really need to endorse such a horrible product?

P.S: This product was made in Guangdung, China. I was told that section in China had a different taste in their soups unlike the rest of Asia. That may explain the horrible soup.


Monday, January 08, 2007

2006: The Diary Summary

It sucks to have a writer's block. So yea, that explains the slow update

To read the 2005 version click here.

The following entry is an abstract summary of how my 2006 was. You are free to interpret the content of the summary in any way possible.

…2006 huh?

I was hoping that I did not need to hit as much trouble as I was last year. However, I am not one who could accurately predict my future and my destiny. All I could was go with the flow.


Here lies a pawn on the street outside the tavern, internally bloodied with spiritus. I have failed to rejoice the new age and returned to the cottage without recollection of the previous moonlight and without a pattino. On the brightside, lovebirds are seen at the big fisherman’s shrine. Chinese chess has been decent.


I returned to the foreign square and began serving for the Elites. While I’ve missed the times I’ve staying with my comrades of the past, I accustomed myself living with European knights, learning the word ‘Scheiße’ for use in combat. A long battle waits.


It was a blissful period. I have met so many pawns, knights and even princesses just by the serving the Elites. One of the princesses dazzled my eyes. She is from Siam, and yet she is like a descendant of the Kazoku line. She was wonderful to behold, and yet I sigh at her love for katana-wielding men.


Much battle with the Black clan was done, and much stress and sweat was taken in for this epoch. I basically settled down with what I came to do, and I supposed it was a characterless routine. The Easter was however something worthy to remember, as I grew bunny ears and sing along with the Siamese princess for the night.


The Elites mentioned of the coming Gathering and its significant purpose for all distant diplomats and scholars throughout the chessboard. I, along with a Mexicano guardian was selected to represent the Elites within our region. Other than that, it was business as usual.


Such was the supernatural powers of the World Cup that everyone stopped to feel the magic! The people of this land were united to support their fellow kangaroos….so much that they believed that they can acquire the great Cup. I laughed, for I am a believer in three lions, not kangaroos. The magic was so strong though, as everyone became mad with the Cup. It wasn’t all peace though as I had major battles to fight. Alas, my best comrade returned to Mud City for good…and I finally gave up on the Siamese princess. Heavens were still kind to me though, as I was there to see my Mexicano guardian exchanged rings at the altar and we took the skies to the land of the West for the Gathering. Sir Jason came from the land further down to enjoy the sunshine with his comrades.


I have met The Baron Robin and The Duke Alvin over the West. I also met many others who hail from the same land as I do. It was a wonderful experience throughout. I had a fling with a Chinese princess while I met another princess who looks just almost like me! I was disappointed that the three lions were slaughtered by Afonso de Albuquerque’s men. Oh, I got shot by colourful bullets.

On a special night by the Elites, I met Queen Weihnachten of Hôtel Chinois.


It was a special time, for I became a servant to Queen Weihnachten. The Queen brought me back feelings I’ve lost before. The Great Farmer’s Festival was a boring one but the TSUGARU performed by the Kazoku was excellent. However, things did not well on the battlefield; for I had issues with my team mates on certain critical moves and that did not help the war to end at our favour. The Elites too have begun to question my abilities on the battlefront.


Despite my struggles, I managed to see flying Pigs with the Queen during the Celebration of River. In addition, I got to celebrate Mexicano Year with my Mexicano guardian and friends. I was responsible for the Elites’ annual Celebration of Unity, but the superiors of the Elites were not too satisfied with my work rate. Towards the end of this phase though I find it hard to find my feet between the Queen, serving the Elites and the actual mission I came to this foreign square.


It was the beginning of the end. I had to endure my toughest yet most important battle in Black’s square. A mild success for the Celebration of Unity, but the costs of it was almost disastrous to my personal life. The Queen and I were beginning to show major differences, while I needed reinforcements for my main battle with the Black. Some knights began to perish as well.


After a long and painful fight, the war was over. My presence on that square…that island was no longer required. By this time, many pawns, knights and princesses returned to their countries for good, and only the local heroes remain. With the limited period remaining, I said my farewell to my superiors and comrades at both the Elites and on the battle against Black…for I wish to tour the land down under. I made two tours with the Queen; South and North. I met Sir Jason and Princess Ling Qing down South. The one at the South was unfortunately a depressing trip; the other was more pleasurable. Regardless, the difference between us was by then beyond the limit. Hence, this was the moment our downfall was destined.

For once, I have not enjoyed my birthday. This was my lowest point for self-esteem…for the Queen finally gave up her patience on me and has called for an end of our association.

On the 24th of Brumaire, I bid my last farewell to the island and returned to Mud City.
So it was to Queen Weihnachten.


I returned to Cat Town to see related lovebirds at the same big fisherman’s shrine. Queen Weihnachten visited Cat Town to find me. As much as I hated to say it, I could not agree to her over a certain restoration order. Still depressed over the events that unfold over the last two Monate, I found salvation in a form of brotherhood. Prince Ivan, Duke Alvin, Baron Robin, Chancellor Daniel and Princess Rose knew the way to restoring me. So was the joy found within my new friends Captain Frankie, Queen Ant, Major Ben, Sergeant Allen and everyone from the Borneo Literature Online Group Society (BLOGS).

Most important of all was the reunion with my family.

It was memories worth keeping.

I welcome you, 2007.