Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jay Chow Endorsed Instant Noodles

I was thinking of resigning from blogging for a while to get more inspiration. Would that be a good idea?
Product endorsements by celebrities usually help to get consumers like us to buy products that we otherwise usually would not buy. From the high-involvement products like cars (Brad Pitt for Toyota) to the ones that require less thought like beverages (Cecilia Cheung for Coca-Cola).

However, you would be discouraged to buy products endorsed by celebrities that sucked with what they do and/or have attitudes that would normally be categorized as the “jerk/bitch”. Examples include Britney Spears (Pepsi), Paris Hilton (Carl’s Jr) and F4 (Yamaha Motorbikes). Note: the product may simply just sucked too.

One particular celebrity that surprised me with was Jay Chow. You see, gay cow Jay Chow featured in a number of commercials in Taiwan, but one of his endorsements shocked the shit out of me.

Yes, he featured on instant noodles.

What the fuck; is he really that desperate to get everybody’s attention?? For him to endorse Pepsi I understand la with the celebrity trend and the heavy challenge against Coke, but INSTANT NOODLES!? Wah lao eh….

I saw this while I was in Australia. Curious, I brought it and try it. I mean, how crap can it be? Artificial beef flavoured…can’t go wrong with it right?

Inside, you get the artificial flavour soup powder and the beef stock and oil. In addition, it also comes with a couple of maggot-look-alikes that still this day and age I have no clue what the hell it is.

So, I cooked it along with an egg and three prawn balls.

The taste? In a word:


The soup itself looked crap. The noodles are fine, but the soup is…tasteless. It’s like you can even make out the taste of the beef flavour. Such a hame really; I never thought there’s an instant noodle I need to boycott on.

Give him credit for being the first celebrity I know to endorse in a product like instant noodles. Actually, give the Uni-President brand credit for thinking up ideas like this (though I could be wrong; some other brands might have done it earlier). But past the face of his popularity, the product is simply not right.

For all his gay cow face faceless acting and his “smiling is uncool” policy, must he really need to endorse such a horrible product?

P.S: This product was made in Guangdung, China. I was told that section in China had a different taste in their soups unlike the rest of Asia. That may explain the horrible soup.



^@lViN^ said...

Talk about endorsements huh. Sometimes, I feel celebrities should really try out the product before they endorse it. I mean, what if something goes terribly wrong with the endorsed product? The image of the celebrity, in this case, "gay cow" is going straight down the drain.

Frank said...

dn stop blogging....update once in a while lar..haha. gay cow gay cow...

Jason said...

So what you been up har? :D

Ah_Mike said...

Alvin: yealor! but i wander if they even care to try, since endorsements is all about money.

Frank: Haha...i'm getting lazy ><

Jason: Yo dude, i'm just lepaking and erm, getting inspirations to update more often :P

Irene said...

Hahaha... Not only for instant noodle, even junk food too such as "keropok", biscutis, juice... anything... you name it. He's not the only too... Lee Hom also, Coco Lee also. When you watch a lot of taiwan, and China satelite TV shows, you can see them in many of the adverts. *LOL*