Sunday, February 11, 2007

Coming Soon: Kuching Bloggers Meet!

Yeap, another big kuching bloggers meet is coming to, well, Kuching town!

Still not convinced? Read Robin's marketing reasons on why you SHOULD go.

You will fall in love with the scenery.

So make sure you are free for this. Put that down on your calendar and be there, or be square!

Please contact Frankie or Ann or if you like, stroke Robin's balls to reserve your spot for the night yea. No last minute nonsense yea...unless you are on a sex vacation or something.


robin said...

Robin's Balls !!!!! Arrrrghhhhhh..... robin is innocent and sweeeeet !!! Cannnoooott...
ahahahhaa anyway, thanks for the promo dude... I have a feeling this meet will be a huge one !

Ah_Mike said...

Haha...robin is innoccent and sweet so that's why must stroke the balls mah! XD

Should be huge I reckon

robin said...

-_- |||||

Sweet and innocent... yes..... but but...

never mind..

Anyway.. Happy happy happy Chinese New Year and have a prosperous year ahead !!

Gong xi gong xi