Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Price Tags and “Gold Class” stickers doesn’t always mean it’s a good wine.

One thing about me is that I tend to think that wines with a high price along with stickers that shows the wine has won awards usually mean it is a good product.

Not always true.

Some time ago, I was having a Mahjong session with my brother, my cousin and a friend we all knew. All of us would occasionally agree to play the game (of course, with some money la) and take the whole Saturday night for it. We’re also quite fond of wine, so along while one of us would screamed “Pong!”, another one would usually slip his glass of wine while thinking of the next tile to throw and hoping for luck.

So one Saturday night, my cousin brought one kind of wine (though it seems that his taste is a little…different from the rest of us) while I brought one wine from Perth prior to the night as a gift for my brother.

We had our session, and after several rounds and unfortunate losses, we decided to test my cousin’s wine first.

The first wine was the Magpie Estate ‘The Thief’ Mourvèdre Grenache Rosé 2005.

Looking at the cover itself, you would be forgiven that Batman would never consume such wine that represents The Penguin / Two Face fusion.

And neither would his alter ego Bruce Wayne drink it as well, for he has the elegant and refined taste that this wine simply lacks.

‘The Thief’ was unanimously agreed by all four of us to be rough and dry. In short, crap. That RM89.90 tag from Denise store just didn’t seem right for this product.

So another few rounds came by, with my cousin winning it big and I struggled to slow down my diminishing tokens. Another break from the game, and I happily took out the wine I brought in Perth.

The second wine was the Margaret River Watershed Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2002.

Brought since July 2006, I had a lot of hope for this wine to taste really good. Not to mention that this Watershed had this cliché “Gold Class” that screamed credibility and a AUD$60 that made my wallet much, much lighter. However, I had my curiously on the cover I interpreted as “I’m alone at home, confined to an empty room so I shall drink this and hanged myself to death”.

Well, you guessed it. It was a disappointment.

It didn’t really quite lived up to its reputation, at least to us. It had more flavour and depth to the taste, but its roughness wasn’t too far off from the previous wine.

Both wines didn’t help my game in any way, and when Ivan SMS-ed me to say he was drunk; I just had to ignore him and let him puke in paradise.

It was a disappointing night, not just for the wines but also my losses from the Mahjong game were quite discouraging. My cousin came out as the only winner for the night thanks to his “5 tai” win. Thankfully I wasn’t the biggest loser.

Luckily my brother, being a great chef he always was (and always will), smartly used the remaining Watershed wine to create a wonderful red wine sauce for a baked meat and bacon he made several weeks later. At least my gift did not gone to waste!


robin said...

eh?? u bought a wine at perth? how come never consult me one???
I would have told you to buy any standard south australian wine... margaret river.... cannot make it one !!!!
60 bucks.. ouch... i can nicely recommend better wines around 20 bucks at any liquor store !!!

Ah_Mike said...

I wasn't looking for a standard SA wine Robin. I was looking for a WA wine that I can't find in Brisbane.

robin said...

u never asked me, if u did, i would have told u WA wine sucks !! ahahahaha

Ah_Mike said...

aiya, want to try to confirm it sux mah