Sunday, February 04, 2007

“Welcome to Air Asia AK5159”

Hey guys, miss me? :P I miss you guys, though I wouldn’t be updating often for a while.

I was down in KL last week for a couple of job interviews. One’s a phone call away, while the other…well, let’s just say the boss’ face changed the moment he knew I can’t start work for him immediately.

Anyway, a silly thing happened on the way to take my flight. I was supposed to get to the plane via Kuching Airport’s gate A. While waiting, a flight attendant made an announcement that we could start lining up. I was daydreaming, so I didn’t pay any attention to her and just assumed that it would be my flight.

While lining up though, I felt something strange. There were as many people sitting down as people lining up. I wasn’t really sure what was going on, but I decided to just line up anyway. However, my heart kept telling me that I might have made a mistake. So while another flight attendant checked my IC, I asked him if this was the flight I needed to take.

Being a typical lazy, angry-over-his-paycheck Malaysian, he just said “Yes”.

So I took that as an assurance and went on walking down the stairs, towards the plane, and climbed the stairs to the plane’s entrance.

When I went into the plane, I saw this really cute air stewardess greeting me. Foo yoo, for once Air Asia have a really chun chick on the plane! And yes, no excessive makeup on her!!

For the moment I thought I am going to enjoy the best flight I had with Air Asia for a long while….

….until the pilot made an announcement.

“Welcome to Air Asia AK5159 to Bintulu”


I checked my ticket. It reads “AK 5205”.

I walked out of the plane, heads down. One supervisor called my name out “Mr. Ah_Mike, you masuk salah plane la! Flight ke KL belum dating lagi! 20 minit kemudian baru datang tau tak?” (Mr. Ah_Mike, you entered the wrong plane la! Flight to KL has not arrived yet! 20 minutes later then it’ll come do you know that?)

Yea, like I need to know that now.

I got some stares and giggles when I walked up the stairs back to the sitting area. Words cannot explain my shame here.

When the actual plane arrived, I did the standard procedure again. The supervisor was smiling at me as I walked up the plane.

And you know what, while there were 3 air stewardess on my plane to KL, one had way too much makeup, another looked like she haven’t had sleep for months and the last one…well, I can’t comment.

To make matters worst, I had to sit with a bunch of Angkatan Tentera soldiers on a holiday!

And to cap out a miserable day with Air Asia, some fucker stole my “No, it’s not your bag!” tag on my luggage as I picked it up from the LCCT airport. Oh, and my Ipod had no battery while I was on the Airbus’ hour-long journey to KL.

I threw my ticket in disgust.

Lesson: Never bloody daydream at the airport. Unless you’ve never been to Bintulu.


vicky said...

haha..that was funny though..

i also had the experience of having my name broadcasted during the boarding session. but guess mine is not as pai seh as urs.

All the best in your interview!

Arth said... memalukan like that.

Tiara said...

that happens really often, actually.

Jason said...

LOL. Padan muka. Hhaa! Good luck with your interviews!

Rose said...

hahahahaha... you should be going to bintulu that time.. :D

Ah_Mike said...

vicky: Haha, yea not where as bad as mine :P Thanks anyway!

arth: Yealor...ish, what a day man.

tiara: Well, not for me! ><

jason: Yeala yeala i padan muka...thanks for the g'luck wish :)

rose: Maybe I would enjoy the trip to Bintulu la :) Then when reach Bintulu I will be sad and lonely :(

Ic3dLatt3 said...

ahaks your story tickled me up a lil' bit. Being a never-wrong-super-bloody-cautious-flight-freak I am, this story had quite a catch! :D :D

However Bintulu was not such a bad place to live in..