Sunday, February 25, 2007

Will be away for at least a month

Hie, I'm updating this in Summit USJ's dodgy cybercafe.

I haven't told most of you guys, but I've got myself some kind of a job with a production crew. I can't tell you since I've signed a contract to keep it confidential, but I can definitely say that it is one very interesting job :)

Basically, I've a month of 'probation' with this guys, and I basically wouldn't have enough time to blog. Even if I do, it will be all text and no pictures. And still be nothing about the job I'm doing.

Ivan will take over this blog until my return to cyberspace. Hopefully he does a good job entertaining you guys and not just putting up sponsored blogs ><

It'll be the most interesting 30 days I will ever have.

So till then, have fun!


robin said...

Ivan, lets tear this whole place down !!!

Ah_Mike said...

You dare or not?