Wednesday, March 28, 2007

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I got tagged by Jason & Aldrin. Meh, since I’m bored…might as well.

The 6 things you did Weirdo tag:

Here are the rules:

Each one starts out by telling 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write (in their own blog) 6 weird things as well and state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave each of them a comment letting them know you tagged them and the cycle goes on.

1) I tend to put a lot of pepper onto my food, particularly porridge and Chinese fried rice. It’s not just 4 or 5 shakes of pepper, but like 10 to 20 shakes of it…and that’s just 1 out of probably 5-6 times I usually put pepper on a single meal! I know, my mom always yelled at me to cut the pepper dosage down, and my friends are often amused with my, er, habit. I’m addicted to pepper though, so old habits die hard.

2) I can talk so much at one moment, and then the next moment I tend to be really, really quiet. It’s like I just don’t want to talk anymore. I myself am amused with this character of mine. Maybe the topic was interesting or the person wasn’t interesting…or I just simply don’t have the interest?

3) I used to keep crazy hair colours, like flame red, blonde and even pink! I don’t find it weird, but some people do. Grannies feared me, thinking I worked for the underworld. My parents looked at me with disgust. I had the “Ah Beng the pirated VCD seller” tag. My faculty principal thought I wasn’t giving a “good example” to students. Gee, at least I made an impact to the college. Now, I was told that students are banned from crazy hair colours ever since my flaming-red hairdo back in college.

4) More freaky than weird is that quite often, I tend to see “4.44pm” on my watch or a clock in a given week. Once or twice a week, I somehow stumbled upon that time without fail. I know its meaning in Cantonese. TOUCH WOOD!

5) Whenever Manchester United wins or gain a satisfactory draw, I always wear my M.U. jersey or shirt. Well, most of the time. I don’t wash my jersey until United lost. Heh, now I can imagine the disgusted look you have now. I think the last time I washed it was the Arsenal – MU match…was it a couple of months back? ><

6) I dunno if this is considered weird….when I take tequila shots or any kind of alcoholic shots, I tend to drink it rather than really having the shot. Once in Australia I asked for a tequila shot and I drank it, the bartender was extremely shocked with my actions. “Dude, you can drink that shit!?” she said. I just replied “Well, my throat seems fine”. Another case was when a friend brought me “Blue Dragon”, a kind of gin-based cocktail if I am not wrong. As usual, I drank it…but this time my throat burns. Hence the name “Blue Dragon” I guess.

The layers of me tag:

Layer 1: Outside
Name: Ah_Mike. You can call me “leng chai”. Damn, that helps to raise my ego. Actually, I never had “Mike” in my IC, but when you have so many people either mispronouncing or misspelling your name, you can’t help but to get a simple name and not having to go through that “ugh, it’s (insert Chinese name) not (insert weird Russian name)!” correction. Then again, I noticed it was easier for me to say “Michael” than “Mike” to people nowadays.
Birth Date: 15 November 1984. Love that 1511 code.
Current Status: Unknown
Eye Colour: Brownish
Hair Colour: Currently black. Formerly red/blonde/orange.
Righty or Lefty: Lefty. Left-handers are seriously discriminated in today’s society (look at a common scissor…that’s bias to us left-handers!)! As a sign of unity, I demand parents to teach their kids to use their left hand!

Layer 2: On the Inside
My Heritage: I’m of the Teochew clan. Problem is, I don’t speak Teochew. Apparently my great-grandparents were migrants from a specific place in China. No idea where.
My Fears: Damn it, why must cockroaches exist!? Why can’t we have weapons of mass destruction on these damn freaks of nature!?
My Perfect Pizza: Lots of mozzarella cheese, large amount of pepperoni, plenty of fresh tomato sauce, and a chuck of Mongolian Lamb on it. Ah, I miss Australian pizzas.

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My Thoughts First Waking Up: What thoughts? More like performing the action of checking my Bittorrent downloads instantly.
My Bedtime: Random this week. It will be after midnight next week onwards.
Missed Memory: Every happy moment I have. From my hardcore gaming kid times, to the recent event I have with this TV production company.

Layer 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: I prefer Coke. Not an anti-Pepsi though.
McD or Burger King: Burger King la! Crazy, you think I wanna eat that McShit ah!? Then again, I don’t go to these places anymore, as I’m the Mamak kinda guy.
Single or Group Date: Single please. Taking care of 1 partner is already tough enough.
Adidas or Nike: As of current, Adidas has the better-looking designs. However, Manchester United has Nike as their kit-maker. So it doesn’t matter to me.
Tea or Nestea: Neither. I don’t fancy tea.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla. Nothing against chocolate; I just like Vanilla a tad better than chocs.
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino.

Layer 5: Do You…
Smoke: Socially. Don’t expect me to have a packet of ciggies in my pocket though.
Curse: Tiu! What kind of sohai question is this? Sure la curse! Mahai, you never curse at someone on the road ah?
Take a shower: A proper shower? For sure. You think I’m French?
Have a Crush: Once, I had a deep crush on this girl, but because of my shyness and cowardice, I lost her to someone else. Now my new crush is a very difficult lady to gain her romantic trust.
Go to School: Recent graduate :)
Want to get married: Not now la sweetheart. No money to even support myself want to get married some more ah? Siaw.
Believe in Yourself: Yes & No. Life is a circle isn’t it?
Think you’re a health freak: No way. I want to be fat ok?

Layer 6: In the Past
Drank alcohol: Still do.
Gone to the Mall: Of course. City boy la me.
Been on stage: Yea, a few times. Watch out this April 15 :)
Eaten Sushi: I love Sushi! Sashimi please!
Dyed your Hair: Heh, need I explain?

Layer 7: Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: No, I wish though. Any open-minded ladies out there?
Changed Who You Were to Fit In: Yea, I have. When you want to be accepted by a social group, you sometimes change. For better or worst, that I don’t know.

Layer 8: Age you’re Hoping
To be married: 27 if rich, 30-ish on average, never when poor.

Layer 9: In a girl
Best eye colour: Blue eyes is the prettiest of the lot.But eye colours aren’t a big thing for me.
Hair colour: Doesn’t matter, so long as it is sexy/beautiful on her.
Short hair or long hair: Long hair. It screams feminine to me. There are exceptions though like Stephanie Sun.

Layer 10: What were you doing
A minute ago: Typing the line “so long as it is sexy” part.
An hour ago: Typing the previous tag. It was hard to think of the weird shit I do.
4.5 hours ago: Surfing the Net, downloading music.
1 month ago: Worked for a TV production company. Learnt a lot from them.
1 year ago: Doing part-time student services work for my university guild while studying. Chased this hot Thai chick before she decided to be with a Japanese mofo.

Layer 11: Finish the Sentences
I love: My increasing freedom, and a sense of peace.
I hate: Insects, tasteless food, people who think they are always right.
I need: Wealth, prosperity and a damn good massage.

And now, I tag:
Jason Mumbles

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The day of gloom

My laptop had a major problem a few days ago. Everything I tried to start Windows it will automatically restart everytime it finishes the loading page.

Sent it to the computer shop, hoping that I could save my precious porn data and reformat my darling laptop. The repairman gave me the worst news I've ever heard this year.

"The hard disk is faulty; I'm afraid I can't backup your files..."

My heart felt like it was pierced by a thousand needles.

I can't help to be so damn sad now. It happened 2 years ago. And I can't believe it had to happen again.

My data. My memoriable pictures of my time in Australia. My favourite photo where I got to pose with my favourite model. My blogging achieves. My Championship Manager 2 that occupies me whenever I'm shit bored.

All gone.

I regret not getting my external harddisk sooner. Had I brought it earlier, things would've been different.

*starts sobbing*

Sigh, and yet I cannot worry so much about it right now. I have to find a room to stay, a car for my work, and all the little extra things to take care of.

Life can be so unfair at times.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day off #3 (well, 1/2 day actually)

I'm quite dissappointed that I've failed to take some clear opportunities for me to shine, and yet I feel so happy for the person who took the chances given to him/her.

I feel comfortable with the group of collegues I work with, and yet I feel like I can vanish now and they wouldn't notice my absence.

At times they can be so friendly, at times they can be such a fucking bastard/bitch.

Strange isn't it?

I supposed that is my routine. Getting up, getting canned by my supervisor, getting praised from my other supervisor, joking with my collegues, getting punk'ed from my teammates, getting amused with one's bimbo-ish ideas and stupid all-bitchin-no-action.

At the end of the day, it's a merry-go-around drama for me here with this firm. Move aside Bold & Beautiful!

I am tired and I need a massage. Got to go now. Sucks to work on Sunday.

Oh by the way, please be free on April 15. It's not the finalised date, but this would the day the company would be able to showcase my work. So stay tune for more info.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day off #2

Sigh. Things has been quite tough as of late.

The more I worked for the company, the more I realised that I am getting bored with them. Maybe I shouldn't said that, considering that not everyone can get into this kind of job that I have.

But I'm bored. Isn't that bad?

I'm starting to feel disinterested with the wait I have to endure, the politics that I am forced to be involved with, and more importantly, the fact that I am stuggling to impress my bosses and getting respect from my fellow collegues.

What a minute, why am I talking all this shit for?

I supposed I didn't need to be so damn negative. I have learned a heck lot of things from this job, like certain work ethics, the way the production company works, my collegues' skills...etc etc. While I did say I'm bored, I also had plenty of fun, especially at night when my collegues and I would crash at one's room and have a DVD night. Lots of laugh and camwhoring ensured.

I can only be thankful that I've given the chance to work with this guys. Now though, I just want finish what I worked for and have a settled life in KL (or Kuching?) soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

One day off #1

Yea, the big boss gave me a day off from the stress and tension of working with the company!

So far, the job of mine has been quite tiring physically and mentally...but I definitely learned a heck lot of stuff within this 1 week. Just too bad I can only explain a lil' bit about it. Basically, this job takes a lot of patience, quick-wits, focus and to act cautiously. Though, there's quite a drama going on at the workplace. I can't believe the boss likes the tension of the drama!

Sigh, I missed some part of my life back in Kuching. Waking up late on weekdays, squash on Sunday morning...futsal on Thursday/Friday night...Sarawak Laksa.... Instead, for now, it's always up like 6/7am for work and sleep after work at 9/10pm almost on a daily basis. My meals are always on different times, and a lot of my time are wasted by waiting for the superiors to do their shite. Ah, for the sake of a greater future; I can't complain much can I? :/

At least good food are provided for free :)

Oh, there would be a presentation of my work coming this middle April. I'll inform you guys as soon as I get the finalised date for it.

Can't wait to get back into proper blogging again with pictures and all!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hi, everyone! I'm filling for Mike just for the time being while he's gone. Just to inform everyone that Mike is very much alive and well. hehe.

Wishing you all the best in your new job. :) Cheers