Thursday, March 22, 2007

The day of gloom

My laptop had a major problem a few days ago. Everything I tried to start Windows it will automatically restart everytime it finishes the loading page.

Sent it to the computer shop, hoping that I could save my precious porn data and reformat my darling laptop. The repairman gave me the worst news I've ever heard this year.

"The hard disk is faulty; I'm afraid I can't backup your files..."

My heart felt like it was pierced by a thousand needles.

I can't help to be so damn sad now. It happened 2 years ago. And I can't believe it had to happen again.

My data. My memoriable pictures of my time in Australia. My favourite photo where I got to pose with my favourite model. My blogging achieves. My Championship Manager 2 that occupies me whenever I'm shit bored.

All gone.

I regret not getting my external harddisk sooner. Had I brought it earlier, things would've been different.

*starts sobbing*

Sigh, and yet I cannot worry so much about it right now. I have to find a room to stay, a car for my work, and all the little extra things to take care of.

Life can be so unfair at times.


Rose said...

cheer up my fren dear :)

Ah_Mike said...

Thank you rose :)