Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day off #2

Sigh. Things has been quite tough as of late.

The more I worked for the company, the more I realised that I am getting bored with them. Maybe I shouldn't said that, considering that not everyone can get into this kind of job that I have.

But I'm bored. Isn't that bad?

I'm starting to feel disinterested with the wait I have to endure, the politics that I am forced to be involved with, and more importantly, the fact that I am stuggling to impress my bosses and getting respect from my fellow collegues.

What a minute, why am I talking all this shit for?

I supposed I didn't need to be so damn negative. I have learned a heck lot of things from this job, like certain work ethics, the way the production company works, my collegues' skills...etc etc. While I did say I'm bored, I also had plenty of fun, especially at night when my collegues and I would crash at one's room and have a DVD night. Lots of laugh and camwhoring ensured.

I can only be thankful that I've given the chance to work with this guys. Now though, I just want finish what I worked for and have a settled life in KL (or Kuching?) soon.


Sam said...

Wo-ow. Bored so soon? The experience should be worth it no?

ivan said...

mike, glad you saw the blue in the stormy sky. nothing's ever easy but doesn't mean you can't do it. I'm waiting to hear the good news from you still! Take care!

Ah_Mike said...

sam: Yea, the experience is awesome! Time for me to move on to more exciting stuff though

ivan: Thanks bro. I'm not dead inside, that's for sure!