Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day off #3 (well, 1/2 day actually)

I'm quite dissappointed that I've failed to take some clear opportunities for me to shine, and yet I feel so happy for the person who took the chances given to him/her.

I feel comfortable with the group of collegues I work with, and yet I feel like I can vanish now and they wouldn't notice my absence.

At times they can be so friendly, at times they can be such a fucking bastard/bitch.

Strange isn't it?

I supposed that is my routine. Getting up, getting canned by my supervisor, getting praised from my other supervisor, joking with my collegues, getting punk'ed from my teammates, getting amused with one's bimbo-ish ideas and stupid all-bitchin-no-action.

At the end of the day, it's a merry-go-around drama for me here with this firm. Move aside Bold & Beautiful!

I am tired and I need a massage. Got to go now. Sucks to work on Sunday.

Oh by the way, please be free on April 15. It's not the finalised date, but this would the day the company would be able to showcase my work. So stay tune for more info.


Jason said...

Good luck with your showcase on April 15. ;)