Sunday, March 04, 2007

One day off #1

Yea, the big boss gave me a day off from the stress and tension of working with the company!

So far, the job of mine has been quite tiring physically and mentally...but I definitely learned a heck lot of stuff within this 1 week. Just too bad I can only explain a lil' bit about it. Basically, this job takes a lot of patience, quick-wits, focus and to act cautiously. Though, there's quite a drama going on at the workplace. I can't believe the boss likes the tension of the drama!

Sigh, I missed some part of my life back in Kuching. Waking up late on weekdays, squash on Sunday morning...futsal on Thursday/Friday night...Sarawak Laksa.... Instead, for now, it's always up like 6/7am for work and sleep after work at 9/10pm almost on a daily basis. My meals are always on different times, and a lot of my time are wasted by waiting for the superiors to do their shite. Ah, for the sake of a greater future; I can't complain much can I? :/

At least good food are provided for free :)

Oh, there would be a presentation of my work coming this middle April. I'll inform you guys as soon as I get the finalised date for it.

Can't wait to get back into proper blogging again with pictures and all!