Monday, April 09, 2007

I Confess: The truth is....

Alright, I've waited long to announce this...and for the 100th post for this blog, what a great time to post something I've long kept a secret from most of you (and not updating on purpose). To some, I had to give a lie, and I am really sorry for that. It's part of my P&C contract, so I can't tell you the real deal at the time.

If you've been reading my "Day Off" posts from last month, you might be wandering what kind of job I was working, who I was really working for, and why was it so mysterious.

The truth is....

I am on a reality TV show. It's called "Please Give Me a Job!"

Most. Desperate. Title. Ever.

I'm not lying. Here, this is the abstract from The Star Sunday:

Give us a job, please

ARE you a fresh graduate and not sure what employers look for when they recruit?

Tune in to 8tv’s Please Give Me a Job! reality show to get some useful tips on grooming, effective communication skills and, more importantly, landing a job.

Hosted by Azah Yazmin Yusof, the show will feature 10 fresh graduates from different educational backgrounds and various qualifications.

They will compete by taking on various tasks in the hope of landing one of the jobs offered by eight participating companies each week.

Host Azah (left, standing) with the 10 candidates at the launch of the reality show.
Remaining candidates who fail to get a job will try their luck in the following episodes.

8tv chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar said the job-search scene has become increasingly competitive these days.

“This series offers insights into how certain skills and knowledge come into play in different situations.

“It also gives viewers a firsthand look at what it's like in the working environment, where candidates have to take on challenges using whatever resources are available,” he said at the launch of the show on Tuesday.

Based on ideas and concepts from 8tv and SEG International Bhd, the first episode of the nine-part series will be aired on April 15 at 10.30pm on 8tv.

SEG International Bhd group chief executive officer Datuk Clement Hii said the show was both educational and entertaining.

The candidates are judged by a panel which include representatives from prospective employers and human resources consultants.

How did this all started?

You see, back in 22 January, Moses gave me an email regarding an audition for a new reality TV show. At first, I thought it was a complete "Apprentice" wannabe (which The Firm ended up being) so I wasn't that keen to take on participants who had working experience. This programme was different; it had a criteria (under 25, fresh grad, never worked full-time 6 months before the audition). So I thought since it's a one-time experience, I gave it a shot.

Flew all the way to KL, delayed the flight back to Kuching for the audition, came back to Kuching, anxiously waiting...then gave up waiting for the call until that one fine Monday afternoon.

The rest is gotta do me a favour and watch the show this Sunday April 15, 10.30pm on 8TV ok? I can't tell you the contents obviously...but all I can say is drama, drama and more drama!

Oh, here are the opening graphics. Many thanks to Red Communications (the production house behind "3R", "Gol & Gincu" and "Goodbye Boys") for providing me with this once in a lifetime experience. I really learn a lot from them.

To Moses, without that email I wouldn't be who I am now. So anytime you come down to Subang Jaya, let me know and all your meals* would be settled by me.

*Terms and conditions apply

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The Star Online (


saykhia said...

Wow! You're on reality TV! This sure is unexpected...

Ah_Mike said...

Uhuh...well, make sure you watch it with your family ya :D