Friday, April 27, 2007

I still remember you, friend

It’s been three years friend. How are you? Where are you now? I hope you visit blogs over there.

I know. We haven’t talk for a very long time. I haven’t met you since you drove the go-kart that time. I always wanted to see you again, but somehow I couldn’t find your place, and I can’t even contact you.

I still remember how we were back in the good old primary schooldays. I knew you since Primary 1, and yet only in Primary 3 we only said “Hello” and have fun playing around. Remember the time when we sang that Shampoo’s “Uh-oh, we’re in trouble” song together with the rest of the class back in Primary 5? When the teacher yelled at us to shut up and all of us gained detention, leaving class only 1/2 hour after school ends? That was fun don’t you think?

You know, when I left Kuching and only came back four years later…and you still remembered me after all those years not contacting you, I am really glad you did remember. Of course, we both changed after four years, and hence we were not close in class. As long as we don’t hate each other, I guess it was fine.

It was great working with you and Kevin for our inter-class debate. Had I not fucked up the final part of our debate during the semi-final (I believed we were up against 4 Science 1, if my memory serves me right); we could have won the round! Oh well, I supposed that was one of the closest times we had, before we got back to our own group of buddies.

No, I was wrong. The closest time was when you came to sit beside me to copy notes on the board. It was during Geography when we talked about relationships. You didn’t really want to talk about it, but when I guessed and mentioned her name, you were so shocked and you opened up your heart a little to tell me how you felt about her.

You told me about how she didn’t really appreciate you.

You felt that she took you for granted.

You did not know how to express your feelings to her.

Simply put, a one-way love.

Sadly, that was the last real chat we ever had, friend.

Since then, we graduated from high school, and proceeded to our tertiary studies. I managed to finish my degree, and just recently working.

You didn’t finish your studies. I know why.

The go-kart took you away.

-to be continued-