Saturday, April 21, 2007

Preview of "Please Give Me a Job!" Episode 2

What? You are the project manager and you don't know a god damn thing about what we were doing!?

And then I get the fucking blame for "jeopardizing" the task??

Excuse me, I did my part OK? I bloody volunteered to present since our beloved project manager got no balls to present (when he/she should have) and this was what I get in returned?

Sorry la, but you only gave me 5 minutes to prepare!!! You think what, I'm some miracle man is it?

Really tulan la!

Grr...I hate this task.

8TV's synopsis of episode 2:
The graduates meet their first prospective employer! In groups of 5, both teams vie for the attention of the employer. Organization: Flyfm (Radio Network) Task: Teams have to create a 30sec radio promo for a brand new classic car, Mondo Hombre & Mondo Femme and present the final promo to the panel. Time allocated : 5 hours

Watch the 2nd episode of "Please Give Me a Job!" for the complete drama this Sunday 10.30p.m...Only on 8TV.