Saturday, May 12, 2007

Preview of "Please Give Me a Job!" Episode 5

Huh? To work in a property firm? Oh man...this is gonna be so boring!

Never in my life do I take any sort of interests in property...either than going 'Wow' over some super-cool buildings like those in Dubai and imagining how my bedroom would look like just by looking at the floor layout.

Andaman? What kind of company is this? This sounds like "Anda Man" (You Man)....

Sigh...and you know what is more depressing? It's the rumors about me that has been developing since the start of this show.

Apparently there are those who intended to "see me off".

As in, they would loved to get rid of me from continuing this show.

I don't know. It's all rumors. There's no credibility in this.

But you know, if it was true, I wish they would have just told me whatever they hate about me straight in the face. Especially when I don't know that my own actions made them dislike me in some way. Or that I'm "playing the game", "a bastard" or something like that.

I guess I've made too many mistakes. And the actions I've done for this task was too much a wrong move.

I regret this one action I've made.


Synopsis from 8TV:
7 remaining graduates embark into the world of property
development. Organization: Andaman Group (property developer)

Task: The teams battle it out as they strive to understand property development. Teams has to organize a cocktail reception

and create a marketing campaign and test its effectiveness by pitching it to real clients!

Time allocated: 8 hours

In case you haven't done it already, please tune in to "Please Give Me a Job!" this Sunday, 10.30p.m only on 8TV!


chloe said...

i knew i've heard of andaman some where proabably cause my parents are forever hunting for properties... so i googled it up. and... oopsie.

just treat it as a job though and don't get tied up in the politics of it. spells trouble.

Ah_Mike said...

Hey Chole, thanks for the website thing...I noticed this blogger Wendy has a big grudge on my company as well as Meda, the sister company of sorts.

I must question her credibility on the information she gets...I don't believe in her bitching on Cova Villa...since that's one of my projects!