Saturday, May 19, 2007

Preview of "Please Give Me a Job!" Episode 6

Yes, I got the job from the previous episode so I am not supposed to be in this episode.

However, while I was in Summit USJ to finalize my contract with Andaman Property Services I saw the remaining contestants running their errands for their new task.

Apparently the guys were doing some kind of event planning...which was what I really wanted!!!

Damn get work with a property firm rather than an event management....

Then again, it's Summit Shopping Centre. A shopping mall that was never happening in the first place. Hmm....I wonder who will win this task?

I heard there was a really big drama that happened during their lunch break. Justin snapped and basically yelled at his team members. Wah lao...and just went I told my former roommate to keep it cool before I left the show...sigh! Basically, this might be the episode with the most arguments to date.

There's definitely a twist don't even miss the first 5 minutes of the show!

I am quite glad I didn't have to get involved with this task...I probably couldn't stand making more stupid mistakes...and getting anymore backstabbing (or the other way around!), especially with a certain "smart-ass" fella around.

For all the things this person can say, I know I have the last laugh.

So guys, even though I am not in this continue to watch "Please Give Me a Job!" this Sunday, 10.30p.m...and as always, on 8TV!

Oh yea...many, many thanks to everyone who supported me during the show and for those who gave me an honest opinion about my performances I really appreciate it. I will definitely improve myself!

Synopsis from 8TV:

The graduates get an opportunity to show off their organization skills as the put together an event for Summit Shopping Centre.

Organization: Summit Shopping Centre

Task: Working in 2 teams, the graduates battle it out against one another at Summit Shopping Centre. Working under a tight deadline, teams had to organize an event based on the given themes of “Lifestyle” & “Hair & Make-up”. Teams fought to get the shoppers attention and the attention of the panel judges!

Time allocated: 15 hours

P.S: Manchester United will win the FA Cup!Period!