Thursday, May 10, 2007

This is a story of an almost married couple.

I met this couple when I moved into my current place.

He is my landlord; the kind of guy you would consider as the "China man". Yeap, he's stingy with his money alright. Anyway, not only he has his own company, but he's also into selling original computer games as well as taking interests in stock market. I will not be surprised if he's into gambling as well. He's 33.

She is the landlord's fiance ; oh yea, she's HOT. No kidding. Besides helping out her man with his work, she basically spends her time watching Chinese soap operas, going to the gym and chatting with her friends loudly on the phone. She's 25.

Now, with such a sexy lady like her, you would have thought that my landlord is the luckiest guy in the world right?

Sadly, it did not seemed to be that way.

You see, this couple usually fight. There wasn't a week where there was no verbal argument between the two. The argument's normally work-related and it was in Cantonese (which I haven't grasp that dialect truly yet). Yet, those work-related issues became personal issues.

I wasn't used to the shouting at first, but eventually got settled to it...

...until two Saturdays ago.

It was the morning when the usual arguments came about. Ignoring them, I enjoyed my breakfast in the kitchen while the "battle" was in the living room.

Then, I heard papers flying and stuffs dropping on the floor.

Oh, the lady became a banshee!

She screamed in Cantonese, which I could barely interpret it as "something to do with being an insensitive asshole".

He reacted and started shouting at her too.

The screaming went on for about 2-3 minutes before the first silence came.

After that, they continued screaming.


And screaming.

Until I heard her falling onto the floor. That was when I finally need to know what happened.

He fucking pushed her to the floor!

She then started crying...her sadness...I tell you, if you were there, you can feel the extreme pain and depression she was feeling.

"Lei tar wo..."she said. I believed that means "You hurt me". She began to cry even louder.

It's like listening to someone who just lost her mother/father/best friend/dog/saw Chelsea losing the Premiership title to Manchester United. HA!.

I couldn't take my breakfast no more. It was that bad. Yet, I can't get involved. It was too personal an issue for me to get involved.

So I took a sneak peek at the living room. The next thing I know, that landlord of mine literally "rolled" her into the master bedroom, closed the door and screamed "Don't you even come out of this room!".

I had to leave the house momentarily. The environment's too uncomfortable for me. As I walked out of the house though, the landlord told me this:

"Don't worry about her. She's really crazy."

I just continued to walked out. In my heart though I said "For someone who actually called his wife-to-be crazy, you must be crazier to even be with her. Fuck, you're crazier for pushing her like that".

When I came back, it was fine again. At least, momentarily.

Fast forward to the Thursday after the incident:

I came back from work, feeling tired and just wanting to sleep. I was lying down on my bed when I heard yet another argument that happened around 8.3o p.m. .

This time though, it might be the last time I would heard a loud argument. Apparently, one of my housemates told me that the argument started since lunch time.

It was long.

I couldn't hear much about the fight, but I heard she was yelling to the lines of "Do you know how much hurt I endured being with you!?" and "How could you do this to me!?".

Around 11-ish p.m. I went to the living room, hoping that I could watch a bit of television. There she was, sitting on the sofa, looking at a folder.

I had to ask her what really happened.

She showed me a folder. The folder showed documents of the landlord's credit card usage.

The next thing I saw was a variety of health spas and hotels.

"He cheated on me", she muttered.


I was stunned.

She explained to me:

"My friend saw him at this health spa she worked for. I couldn't believe it too...considering that he's such a stingy and cheapskate fella...but when I looked at this, she was right. She was right all along...why would he spend so much on this!? And he did this for almost one year! You know, I checked the dates...and I was so disappointed with him on this particular date. The very date when he was saying ' I am so sorry darling...please come back to me' was the very same date he went to Sheraton hotel to fuck a slut! He even went to Holiday Villa...that's just right behind our house!!"

I had to be sure. "Did he confessed?"

"He did. That was the most painful line I have to listened..."

"I can't trust him anymore...I feel so can I tell my mother like this? We're about to have our wedding photo shoot next week..."

Her eyes became teary. I passed her a tissue nearby, gave her some words of encouragement and made her Milo just to cheer her up a little. It was the best I could do...for she really needs her time on her own.

Since then, the young lady left the house and has not returned. Unsurprisingly, the landlord did not go into a bad depression. He may have some guilt, but from what I have observed, he really is one insensitive bastard.

I think you know the moral of the story.


Jasonmumbles said...

Have you thought of moving out? -sweat-

Ah_Mike said...

Nope; peace and quiet came by ever since she left. I loved the location of my house too much as well.

Chii said...

Yikes, so much drama in the house! I'd be so scared if I were you and heard all the fighting outside my room.

Poor landlady's fiance, I hope she'll find someone who treats her as well as she deserves.

Ah_Mike said...

Oh I was scared...I never been though this scenario before!

Yea...I really pity her...I am only glad she left him before marriage.

Sam said...

She really is lucky she didn't go into a lifetime of that if she had married him! Whao.

saykhia said...

Yet another reminder of how low one can stoop in life.

And er.. I think 'lei tar wo' means 'u hit me'.

Frankie said...

walao tat bastard........

yVoNNe said...

omg mike, your house so byk drama...
anyways, good thing she left him
better she found out his character now than when they're married.

Ah_Mike said...

sam: she'll probably commit suicide if that was the case.

saykhia: bad!

frankie: bastard ho? so ever be like him ok??

yvonne: Yea I agreed.

Ah_Mike said...

frankie: I mean, DON'T ever be like him ok?