Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tiger FC Season Final @ Bangsar Village

A non-footballing friend of mine gave this ticket-lookalike brochure on Tiger FC's party showing for the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United. Since I've never been to a Tiger FC event, I thought I should go and feel the atmosphere.

After all, the brochure promised much:

Uoohhh...I wonder whose autographed is that? Could it be a signature from Ronaldo or Rooney? Or a not-so-interesting signature of Lampar and Mourinho's Doggy?

So I followed my football-kakis to Bangsar Village (6 of us in 1 car, and all boys...not too much fun at the back I can tell you). When we arrived at the carpark around 9 p.m. it was quite packed already. Luckily, we were able to find spare seats and sat at a decent location. There was an old man sitting beside us and basically I had a verbal sparring with him on who will win the FA Cup (He's 71 and proclaimed to love Chelsea since he was a kid).

Phat Fabes and Serena C were the Tiger FC emcees, as well guest PJ Roberts commenting on the two teams. PJ Roberts predicted that MU will win...good on ya mate! Good to know that Serena C's part of the MU fans too :) Too bad Phat Fabes had the Blues in him.

Drunken Tiger sight #1

Then there was the Tiger FC dance team...which weren't very interesting to watch to be honest. There wasn't a really hot dancer in sight.

Drunken Tiger sight #2

Forget all that though. Once the game is on, all of us are glued to the screen.


The usual words of "Offside!", "Foul la!" "Shoot!" and all words football can be heard.

(10 minutes later....)


I can't believe this was such a boring final!!!

Half-time 0-0. Phat Fabes and Serena C attempts to cheer up a very bored crowd.

Normal full-time 0-0. Much better than the first half, but still boring. Rooney should have scored on a couple of occasions.

PJ Roberts mentioned that it might go to either a 1-0 win or a penalty shoot-out. Oh no...I don't like penalty shoot-outs!

Extra time 1st half 0-0. Ronaldo was walking rather than running. That's bad.

5 minutes to the penalty shoot-out...

DAMN IT! Why must you score now Doggy Drogba!!

The old man beside me was basically doing "I told you so" look. I just shut up.

Man Utd couldn't do anything about it. So the final score was 1-0.

So while the almost 90% MU fans at the event went all gloomy and heads down, the 10% Chelsea fans were at their festive mood to the max. Phat Fabes was smiling big alright.

Not planning to leave the place completely down and empty-handed, I managed to meet up with Phat Fabes and Serena C for a photo. I couldn't get PJ Roberts since he was quite preoccupied with other fans (and that one of my football-kakis was so depressed about the defeat he wanted to leave asap), but hey, Serena C will do :)

Note: The autographed prize happened to be Ronaldinho's signature on a Barcelona FC jersey. For more photos of the session final, log on to www.tigerfc.com.my


saykhia said...

Depressing match aa! Almost cried when Drogba scored at the 116th minute...

Ah_Mike said...

We all felt that way...