Friday, June 29, 2007

Premiere of Transformers movie

I was lucky enough to get myself a ticket from my friend for the premiere of the "Transformers" movie 2 nights ago.

Security was quite tight, so I can't record the movie and be the VCD/DVD seller take the pictures of the night's cinema. Good thing though; watching the movie without the main suspect (ringtones and "taikor" talking out loud on the phone like that Digi commercial) is awesome!

There was one major issue though:

For the experienced movie-goers in Midvalley, you do know how freaking up front seat Q17 is to the screen right???

It was a neck-breaking breathtaking experience!

As for the movie though...well, I wouldn't spoil the story for you. All I can say is you should watch if you're a fan of Transformers...but do expect some disappointment in some aspects of the Starscream's lack of.... (oopss...did I just spoil it?)

A full review of the movie will come soon.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Meet Annabele, the Princess.

She could be the next local supermodel like Amber Chia.

She could be the next talented musician like Stephanie Sun.

She could be the next powerful woman like Oprah Winfrey.

She could be the next sports star like Nicol David.

She could be the next business executive like Andrea Jung.

She could be anything from a teacher to a politician...

...but for now, she's just the star!

Meet Annabele, the Princess of the family:

Isn't she just adorable???

Welcome to the world Annabele :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Interview with Ivan of Silent Scenery

Sorry I've ignored this blog lately. Things has not gone well with me recently.

I met up with Ivan at KLCC last week to watch Shrek 3. While having dinner, I thought I would do an interview with him on his musical side of things.

Ah_Mike: So bro, what’s the name of the band you’re involved with?

Ivan: It’s called Silent Scenery. (He spelt it out for me while I wrote the name)

AM: Cool name. When was it formed?

I: We had our first gig sometime in April this year…so we’re officially formed in March 2007.

AM: That wasn’t that long ago leh. How did you meet up with the band?

I: Well, a friend of mine named Paulo got me into this. The band was looking for one more member….so basically, I’m the last piece.

AM: Aha, you lucky bastard! So you’re playing as….

I: Rhythm guitarist.

AM: Er…sorry, I’m quite musically inclined.

I: OK, I’m like the supporting guitarist.


AM: Oh, I get it now! So what kind of music you guys play?

I: Post-rock.

AM: Post-rock? Sorry to be rude, but what the heck is that?

I: I know, I didn’t quite understand it the first time too. Alright, post-rock is a type of music that is without vocals and it usually plays a lot of guitar effects. One example is I played around with the volume of my guitar and add effects to get sounds during our performances. Ours has a bit of the oriental sound to it as well.

AM: Any bands that has influenced your band’s music?

I: We got many actually. Explosion in the Sky, Elliot Smith, Mogwai and Dirty Apes are some of those.

AM: Great bands hey?

I: Yea.

AM: So tell me more about the rest of your band-mates.

I: OK…Kien Kit is the main guy in the group and plays the lead guitar, Li Pei’s the bassist and Feroze’s the drummer. They’re all my juniors by a year.

AM: So you’re saying you’re the wise guy in the group?

I: Nah, not really…but I am the sanest of all of them. These guys are a crazy, idiotic bunch…especially the drummer! Haha!

AM: How mad are they la?

I: Ahh…too many to tell dude!

AM: Alrights…so what’s the future for Silent Scenery?

I: If all goes well, we’ll finish recording our EP by this year and hopefully launch the EP by next year.

AM: Any specific time next year?

I: Ah, I’m not too sure about that. I’ll keep you informed or you can visit our website Check out the music video on our single “Tale of a Wooden Door” which is about escape. Hope you like it!

AM: Alrights, that’s all bro. Let’s catch Shrek 3 now shall we?

Silent Scenery’s last performance was at Ginger’s on the 17 June. Their next performance will be at Sunday Rock @ Vinyl DC, 9.30p.m at Malacca on the 1 July.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Preview of "Please Give Me a Job!" Episode 9 (Last Episode)

Uoohh...the finale of "Please Give Me a Job!"!

Actually, I do not know what happened in the last episode. By the time the production began filming the last episode I was already working, so naturally I wasn't called back to help out.

However, I do know that there's a big twist involving one of the participants. While we probably wouldn't see anymore heated arguments between Juliet and Justin just like last week, we can expect a final showdown between these two and see who is the better one.

So Royal Selangor as the final company. Not a bad company I guess. To be honest though, I was expecting the likes of Naza, the Maxis/Digi/Celcom people or even Air Asia to be part of the companies involved in the show.

Maybe there's a next season of "Please Give Me a Job!"?

Anyway, yea, watch the final episode of "Please Give Me a Job!" tonight 10.30p.m only on 8tv!

Synopsis from 8TV:

Watch the final 2 graduates battle it out to secure their last chance at getting hired! Past contestants were brought back to the episode to help the final 2.

Organization: Royal Selangor Pewter

Task: Teams are to come up with a marketing plan on how they

would market and sell the new pewter line during the Spring

Launch. The effectiveness of their plan is executed via a sales


Allocated time: 12 hours

Monday, June 04, 2007

So goodbye my lover

My dearest,

I told you the truth, so don't be shocked,
It's not like you are really disappointed,
You taught me a lot since I was appointed,
But it was time I have it ended.

At Semantan that was how we got into a fight,
So often I wanted to take the flight,
I began to think about our future one night,
It took so long before I see the light,
And do the thing I feel was right.

I slowly knew of your evil decisions,
To lie and cheat; so clear your dark intentions,
It's no wonder your thoughts created tensions,
From those you stole, returned with hateful reactions,
I hope you suffer from your unethical actions.

While I am still unwrapping my bandage,
I loved the freedom from your bondage,
As I leave your pitiful rage,
I embraced my future to the edge.

So goodbye my lover,
Hope you loved your lust for power,
Maybe someday I'll give you a flower,
But I gave you this special letter,
In a's all over.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Preview of "Please Give Me a Job!" Episode 8

To be honest with you, I have no idea what happened in episode 8 as well!

All I know is that the participants have to do some kind of an advertising campaign in like 7 1/2 hours for Segi College in Kota Damansara.

If you're in Segi College or you are in the advertising line, maybe this episode might interests you.

Other that watch it anyway since this is the 2nd last episode for "Please Give Me a Job!".

So yea...10.30p.m. tonight on 8TV ok?

Synopsis from 8TV:
The remaining 4 graduates battle it out to prove that they are worthy of a job in the education line. Organization: SEG International Task : The graduates work in teams and developed an advertising campaign for the launch of SEGi's flagship campus in Kota Damansara. Teams have to produce at least 1 media product for the campaign and propose other mediums to support the campaign. Time allocated: 7.5 hours