Friday, June 22, 2007

Interview with Ivan of Silent Scenery

Sorry I've ignored this blog lately. Things has not gone well with me recently.

I met up with Ivan at KLCC last week to watch Shrek 3. While having dinner, I thought I would do an interview with him on his musical side of things.

Ah_Mike: So bro, what’s the name of the band you’re involved with?

Ivan: It’s called Silent Scenery. (He spelt it out for me while I wrote the name)

AM: Cool name. When was it formed?

I: We had our first gig sometime in April this year…so we’re officially formed in March 2007.

AM: That wasn’t that long ago leh. How did you meet up with the band?

I: Well, a friend of mine named Paulo got me into this. The band was looking for one more member….so basically, I’m the last piece.

AM: Aha, you lucky bastard! So you’re playing as….

I: Rhythm guitarist.

AM: Er…sorry, I’m quite musically inclined.

I: OK, I’m like the supporting guitarist.


AM: Oh, I get it now! So what kind of music you guys play?

I: Post-rock.

AM: Post-rock? Sorry to be rude, but what the heck is that?

I: I know, I didn’t quite understand it the first time too. Alright, post-rock is a type of music that is without vocals and it usually plays a lot of guitar effects. One example is I played around with the volume of my guitar and add effects to get sounds during our performances. Ours has a bit of the oriental sound to it as well.

AM: Any bands that has influenced your band’s music?

I: We got many actually. Explosion in the Sky, Elliot Smith, Mogwai and Dirty Apes are some of those.

AM: Great bands hey?

I: Yea.

AM: So tell me more about the rest of your band-mates.

I: OK…Kien Kit is the main guy in the group and plays the lead guitar, Li Pei’s the bassist and Feroze’s the drummer. They’re all my juniors by a year.

AM: So you’re saying you’re the wise guy in the group?

I: Nah, not really…but I am the sanest of all of them. These guys are a crazy, idiotic bunch…especially the drummer! Haha!

AM: How mad are they la?

I: Ahh…too many to tell dude!

AM: Alrights…so what’s the future for Silent Scenery?

I: If all goes well, we’ll finish recording our EP by this year and hopefully launch the EP by next year.

AM: Any specific time next year?

I: Ah, I’m not too sure about that. I’ll keep you informed or you can visit our website Check out the music video on our single “Tale of a Wooden Door” which is about escape. Hope you like it!

AM: Alrights, that’s all bro. Let’s catch Shrek 3 now shall we?

Silent Scenery’s last performance was at Ginger’s on the 17 June. Their next performance will be at Sunday Rock @ Vinyl DC, 9.30p.m at Malacca on the 1 July.