Friday, June 29, 2007

Premiere of Transformers movie

I was lucky enough to get myself a ticket from my friend for the premiere of the "Transformers" movie 2 nights ago.

Security was quite tight, so I can't record the movie and be the VCD/DVD seller take the pictures of the night's cinema. Good thing though; watching the movie without the main suspect (ringtones and "taikor" talking out loud on the phone like that Digi commercial) is awesome!

There was one major issue though:

For the experienced movie-goers in Midvalley, you do know how freaking up front seat Q17 is to the screen right???

It was a neck-breaking breathtaking experience!

As for the movie though...well, I wouldn't spoil the story for you. All I can say is you should watch if you're a fan of Transformers...but do expect some disappointment in some aspects of the Starscream's lack of.... (oopss...did I just spoil it?)

A full review of the movie will come soon.