Sunday, June 10, 2007

Preview of "Please Give Me a Job!" Episode 9 (Last Episode)

Uoohh...the finale of "Please Give Me a Job!"!

Actually, I do not know what happened in the last episode. By the time the production began filming the last episode I was already working, so naturally I wasn't called back to help out.

However, I do know that there's a big twist involving one of the participants. While we probably wouldn't see anymore heated arguments between Juliet and Justin just like last week, we can expect a final showdown between these two and see who is the better one.

So Royal Selangor as the final company. Not a bad company I guess. To be honest though, I was expecting the likes of Naza, the Maxis/Digi/Celcom people or even Air Asia to be part of the companies involved in the show.

Maybe there's a next season of "Please Give Me a Job!"?

Anyway, yea, watch the final episode of "Please Give Me a Job!" tonight 10.30p.m only on 8tv!

Synopsis from 8TV:

Watch the final 2 graduates battle it out to secure their last chance at getting hired! Past contestants were brought back to the episode to help the final 2.

Organization: Royal Selangor Pewter

Task: Teams are to come up with a marketing plan on how they

would market and sell the new pewter line during the Spring

Launch. The effectiveness of their plan is executed via a sales


Allocated time: 12 hours