Monday, June 04, 2007

So goodbye my lover

My dearest,

I told you the truth, so don't be shocked,
It's not like you are really disappointed,
You taught me a lot since I was appointed,
But it was time I have it ended.

At Semantan that was how we got into a fight,
So often I wanted to take the flight,
I began to think about our future one night,
It took so long before I see the light,
And do the thing I feel was right.

I slowly knew of your evil decisions,
To lie and cheat; so clear your dark intentions,
It's no wonder your thoughts created tensions,
From those you stole, returned with hateful reactions,
I hope you suffer from your unethical actions.

While I am still unwrapping my bandage,
I loved the freedom from your bondage,
As I leave your pitiful rage,
I embraced my future to the edge.

So goodbye my lover,
Hope you loved your lust for power,
Maybe someday I'll give you a flower,
But I gave you this special letter,
In a's all over.