Saturday, July 28, 2007

PGMAJ Reunion @ 8TV Wet & Wild Party


Last week, I met up with my "Please Give Me A Job!" friends at the 8TV Wet & Wild Party.

The last time I went to Sunway Lagoon was like..8 years ago?

Thanks to Hisham (winner of the 8TV episode), the cast got to go in for free :) Weather was not actually good, so I wonder how the event would turn up.

The event got delayed from 11.30a.m. to 12p.m. I can't exactly pinpoint what was the cause, but traffic was heavy after all. (Read: Stop building more nonsense in Subang Jaya already!). The party started off with the Sunway Lagoon E & E doing the New Zealand Haka (which the crowd laughed at) and a Hawaiian-ish dance routine.

Not the most exciting show, but the girls' skirt sure looked like some dish scrub. As I looked as my side I saw...WAYNE ROONEY!?!?

Ah, just a kid -_-. The crowd wasn't all that excited with the show as you can see. I looked at my other side and I saw...

Belinda Chee! Wah...she's much prettier in person than in photos! Sweet...meanwhile the kiwi-wannabe men are sure fired up.

Then came the finalists from "So You Think You Can Dance".

You know, I must admit I envy the finalists. Even after the show was over, these guys can still get publicity and attention from 8tv. Heck, they even got their own "Meet the Finalists" session...what about those from "Please Give Me A Job"? Double-standards! Thankfully...the 8tv did recognized us and Belinda in particular dragged us into playing "catch the water balloon".

Somehow, all of us did not even got wet at all from this. Oh well, at least we got to pose with Belinda and Aishah :)

Farez came much later after our pose with the 8tv Quickies. From there, we just had a bit of fun with the water. I got dunked.

We continued to walk around the beach until we saw another performance by the "So You Think You Can Dance" finalists.

Seriously, I envy the attention they're getting. The following photos sort of reminded of some things. Like...

Dennis the Menace, all grown up.

The Monkey Dance.

The female Karate Kid.

The Malaysian Usher.

The Lala-Mui doing the cha-cha-cha.

After that came in a fashion show...or rather a bag show sponsored by Kipling.

Aishah & Belinda were the first to do the catwalk.

Then it was Rina & Gary.

Up next was two cute girls from "One in a Million" show (I think...). [the other girl was out of the photo]

And back to the two sweethearts :)

Then it rained heavily half-way through the bag show. So we decided to find shelter and have lunch...

...and I tell you, my lunch sucked. Since we can't bring food into Sunway Lagoon, it was expected that our lunch was gonna be crappy in the first place. So yea, my RM6 Fried Mee Hoon was cold and tasteless.

At least Natalia's burger looked tastier.

By the way, in case you're still blur on who's who...

This is Farez, winner of the episode with SEGi College. Loves to cam-whore with anyone's camera -_-.

This is Justin a.k.a James Dean. Won a scholarship from the show, and is now an actor for "Fantasia", some Malay show in ASTRO Ria.

This is Charlene & Natalia. Charlene won the task with FlyFM while Natalia won the task with MindShare.

Ok, now that you know who's who...let me introduce you to my "1st wife".

Meet Azwar, the PR guy behind 8TV. Don't worry, he's actually married and more importantly, straight.

Anyway, enough intro. Basically from this point on we got a bit bored.

Once in a while, we dropped by to see how Hisham was doing. Poor Hisham had to work while we got all wet and wild.

Hisham once asked the crowd "Who won the "Please Give Me A Job!" episode on 8TV?" and the crowd stood silent, looking at each other cluelessly. It was so obvious that the marketing for the PGMAJ was horrible...or the show just sucked -_-. How memalukan!

Here we see Farez riding the mechanical bull.

Now, there was a point where I got so bored, I took up a challenge from 8TV Quickie to put in as many hot dogs as possible. I only got 6 in, but I won a freebie :)

Sadly, due to the slight rain and water, my camera began to stuffed up. You know what a bit of water can do to the camera right? So no pictures of me stuffing in sausages :(

The camera actually still worked, but it would often zoom-in by itself and it would change functions automatically. So I had to turn it on and off so often just to hope that the camera would work normally at some point.

All I could say was that I'm lucky that my camera didn't died on me when I need it the most. Especially when it came to taking photos with...

"2nd wife" Aishah! :) and of course...

"3rd wife" Belinda Chee :D :D Ah, this was enough to made my day :) So we continued to wait for a concert that would happen later on in the evening.

When it was time, the Sunway Lagoon E & E performed a Japanese-theme dance using the Teriyaki Boyz song. No photos were taken as my camera stuffed up throughout the whole dance.

Somehow, the camera was alright when "So You Think You Can Dance" finalists performed yet again.

I still envy them.

Nonetheless, the concert featuring Flop Poppy, Jaclyn Victor, Nitrus, Dragon Red and the awesome Pop Shuvit was on right after that.

However, we were so tired from standing, walking around and playing around from 11am to like 7pm we didn't really wanna watch the concert anymore. Instead, I head home, changed and meet up with the rest at Damansara Uptown later at night. Definitely more interesting to chat away nonsense :)

So yea, the outing was fun...sure, at some point we got really bored, but I'm glad I took the time to hang out with these guys again. Oh, and meeting Belinda was good enough for me :) Kuching girl somemore, takkan don't want to say hello to her!

P.S. This is from the freebie I won for stuffing my small mouth with sausages:

Five postcards of the 8TV Quickie gang plus a T-Shirt :)

The postcards included their signatures! (Except Phat Babes, who was absent for the event throughout the day).

My precious Saturday, well-taken :) that I'm camera-less (sent to Nikon repair shop and wouldn't be getting back for a long while :( ) I guess I'll have to blog without photos or just use whatever I have.

(To be updated: videos - having trouble uploading to youtube)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kenny Sia's & Cheeser's Meme on 8 different hairstyles

After reading Cheeser's meme and Kenny Sia taking up her meme in a humorous manner, I have to do this too.

According to Kenny Sia, most guys wouldn't go through that many types of hairstyles. And by looking at his photos, it is kinda true to some extent.

However, I would like to say that I am one of the few guys out there that changes hairstyle as fast as David Beckham.

I dig up my old, old photos. Boy, the photos sure brought me back memories!

OK, the list is from the sanest to the most "gila-ness".

1) The Working Haircut

My current look. Clean cut. Work- friendly. No frills.

2) The Centre-Patting

Ah, those school days. Cool Goody-boy ho??

3) The Long, Girly Hair

Mat rocker's the name of the theme.

4) The "Moffatts"Look

Some say I have antennas. Like cockroaches.

5) The Tails

Don't mind the bunny ears.

6) The Chinese Blondie!

I tried hard to look like Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII.

7) The Pinky!!

The pink was an accident. Serious.



Would you believe that this red-orange-yellow combo was done specifically for a Public Speaking exam???

Ok, so now guys, do me this meme if you got about 8 as well :)

P.S: That flame-hair only lasted 2 days. Taylor's College (at the time) decided that I was "a bad example" and I was told to get rid of it. That hair ain't cheap you fuckin' old-school college! Haih...anyway, I was also told that ever since my hairdo stunt, the college officially banned crazy-hair-colors on the campus. Whoops!

Friday, July 20, 2007

27 Phrases (That I often lie about)

My dear Yomi tagged me for this...konon la she want a tag war -_-.

Apparently some blogger name Idham is so free to pledge a donation of RM127.00 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage in Bangi for every tag completed before 26 August 2007. It's supposed to be easy as you only need to complete at least 17 of the 27 listed below (the tag la) and drop him a comment at his original tag page here.

I'm bored, so I'll do all.

1) A person is only as good as...whatever influence he/she was brought up with.
2) Friendship is always...the ones who actually cares for you and not take you for granted.
3) To love protect.
4) Money makes me...what I am.
5) I miss the time when...I only cared about PC games and not to worry about being alone.
6) The way of saying I by showing her I care.
7) I try to spread love and happiness by...just smiling and being happy.
8) Pick the flowers's right before Valentine's Day.
9) To love someone is to...sacrifice watching the FA Cup Final just to be at a Gay Cow Jay Chow concert with her.
10) Beauty is...everywhere, but inner beauty is rare.
11) When I was thirteen what I remember the most was...falling in love for the first time.
12) When I was twenty one, I remember I miss...the good times in Brisbane.
13) I am most happy when...I have a good day or I get to hold her hand and say those special words.
14) Nothing makes me happier excellent Bak Kut Teh and intimate moments.
15) If I can change one thing, I would...go back to 1999 and win her heart.
16) If smiles...can make someone feel better, then war would cease to exist.
17) Wouldn't it be nice if we could...have a Caburry? (sings to that chocolate ad's theme song)
18) If you want to, then...just be a pawn to society.
19) Money is not everything...but it certainly is something.
20) The most touching moment I have experienced is...when He gave me the hope to live again.
21) I smile when...I'm happy la!
22) When I am happy, I just...become a chatterbox.
23) If only I don't have responsible, then I don't have to be...hardworking.
24) The best thing I did yesterday was...masturbate on Akira Watase videos to wish her Happy Birthday and made her laugh.
25) If I ever write a book, I will give it this title... "Hairy Potty and the Mass Orgy at Hogwarts" "The Clouded Pawn: A True Story"
26) One thing I must do before I die let her know the truth.
27) Doing this meme, I feel...that it has wasted my precious free time but to get this Idham to donate more feels good.

Now to tag...

No one la. Malas.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Celaka, kena saman!

Ever since I started my new job, I keep coming home tired. So do bear the usually slow updates.
I love my job so far, but I do wish for more time!

OK, I admit I have failed to oblige by the road rules and parked my car on the notorious yellow line.

Yes, I deserved to pay the 100 ringgit to the fellow authorized personnel.

Yes, MPPJ is actually doing their job.


With all due respect to both MPPJ and Kelana Square....

MA CHAO HAI LA MPPJ! Do you fucking know how expensive parking in Kelana Square is or not!? Cibai RM13 for parking from 9am to 7pm! RM2 per entry + RM1 per hour + RM2 per hour after 7pm!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the bloody cock is this kind of price la!? Pay so much yet all the pay machines DON'T WORK!! CANNOT ACCEPT COINS SOMEMORE! All that money yet cannot even FIX THE DAMN SECURITY GATE AT THE ENTRANCE! Monthly ticket RM105 + RM30 deposit somemore! With my kind of salary HOW CAN SURVIVE LA! CIBAI!!!

Ah...I feel better now.

When I got back home though I saw one of my neighbor's car getting the similar ticket. So even MPSJ is going around saman-ing the poor people cars parked on yellow lines. It was the first time deep in Wangsa Baiduri that summon tickets were seen. I asked the security guards; even they told me it was the first time in a very long time. They did said it was only going to be for that I reckoned MPSJ needed some income la.

God knows what they're gonna do with the extra angpao now. Definitely not to be used to maintain or repair anything public la.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Resigned for the better

After only six weeks, it is sad to say that I have to resign from this job of mine.

I loved the job though. I get to:-

1) Wake up at random times everyday.

2) Meet up with whoever I want to meet during office hours.

3) Sleep whenever my heart desires.

4) Not worry about achieving targets.

5) Start work at 12am and finish around 3am.

6) Eat anything I want during office hours.

7) Not listen to any office politics.

8) Surf adult materials as part of my work.

9) Work with my birthday suit.

And the best of all:

10) Be My Own BOSS!

Muahaha....however, due to massive financial losses and without any single profit, I have to find another job that could keep me out of bankruptcy.

So starting Monday, I will begin a new role...a new life. Hopefully a better one than before.

P.S.: Vacancy available for the role of "Professional Bum". Please contact Ah_Mike for more details. Fresh grads are discouraged to apply.

Friday, July 06, 2007

'So You Think You Can Dance' Finale

Last week, I went to Ruums to watch the final episode of 'So You Think You Can Dance' Malaysia.

As a reward for winning the task on episode 8 of 'Please Give Me a Job!', I've gotten myself two V.V.I.P tickets to watch the show. Wee!

Even then, I hardly watched 'So You Think You Can Dance' on TV. The last episode I saw was the Ah_Beng Chris being voted out. What episode what that by the way?

Anyway, at least I know that the four finalist were Alam, Dennis, Sue and Brancy.

I met Hisham (the guy won the the job with 8TV from the PGMAJ show) and he showed us the way to the VVIP area. Not a bad view...with the media and the camera crew sitting in front of me and Ben of FlyFM just behind me. I was hoping a chun celebrity like Hannah Tan would be around, but to no avail :(.

I gotta pity Hisham though. He had to work that night despite winning the reward with me! Met up with fellow participant Nurul "Kat" Ain too.

While waiting for the show to start, I noticed that Dennis has a lot more fans than the rest. Each finalists has a section for their family and fans, and Dennis' side in particular are massively vocal. Imagine a wrestling match where the crowd chants The Rock's name....that's how loud this fans are for Dennis.

I called them Dennis' legions.

As the show began, it started of with the Top 20 finalists performing. From there it would be the duet of the sexes, with Alam and Dennis performing as a couple of nerds turn breakdancers and Sue and Brancy performing as showgirls of sorts. I could bet with you one of the judges got a bit horny seeing those two ladies perform.

A couple of commercial breaks, and there was the romantic duet of Dennis and Sue, with Alam and Brancy performing classic Malay dance next.

*error uploading video, will upload asap*

At this stage, it looked like Dennis was going to go to be the winner, with Alam coming in real close.

The Top 20 performed for the 2nd time, with a brief performance for a very chun violinist (but I dunno her name). Some hip-hop performance followed, but that was boring.

Then it came the individual stage, and that's where the finalists would really stand out.

Alam started first, and I must say...he was the one that really hype-out the crowd with this performance!

Super coolness!! He may be short, but damn, he's strong!

Then Dennis would be next. Woa, listen to the chants from Dennis' legions.

He'll be performing as...Spanish bullfighter?????

Foo yoo! The crowd's marveled with his costume! And he performed like this:

*error uploading video, will upload asap*

Ah...somehow it's missing some spark no?

Then there was Sue's and Brancy's...unfortunately I couldn't record it as I need the remaining space I had to record the announcement of the winner :(. Sorry!

So they've all performed...and now Reshmonu would performed, followed by the Top 20 for the last time.

And of course, the goodness, the wait was unbearable!

In the end....

Eheh...pai seh, my cheering disrupted the recording! I'm glad that Alam won it over Dennis...he really deserved it with that kind of energetic performance. Pity Dennis and his legions though. He must have thought his popularity would've help him. Conspiracy would say Alam won it because he's a Malay (oh come on, don't tell me I'm a racist) but Alam basically owned the final to me.

So after viewing this spectacular show...I think I might take up dancing. Maybe I'll do some tango next time.