Friday, July 20, 2007

27 Phrases (That I often lie about)

My dear Yomi tagged me for this...konon la she want a tag war -_-.

Apparently some blogger name Idham is so free to pledge a donation of RM127.00 to the Darul Izzah Orphanage in Bangi for every tag completed before 26 August 2007. It's supposed to be easy as you only need to complete at least 17 of the 27 listed below (the tag la) and drop him a comment at his original tag page here.

I'm bored, so I'll do all.

1) A person is only as good as...whatever influence he/she was brought up with.
2) Friendship is always...the ones who actually cares for you and not take you for granted.
3) To love protect.
4) Money makes me...what I am.
5) I miss the time when...I only cared about PC games and not to worry about being alone.
6) The way of saying I by showing her I care.
7) I try to spread love and happiness by...just smiling and being happy.
8) Pick the flowers's right before Valentine's Day.
9) To love someone is to...sacrifice watching the FA Cup Final just to be at a Gay Cow Jay Chow concert with her.
10) Beauty is...everywhere, but inner beauty is rare.
11) When I was thirteen what I remember the most was...falling in love for the first time.
12) When I was twenty one, I remember I miss...the good times in Brisbane.
13) I am most happy when...I have a good day or I get to hold her hand and say those special words.
14) Nothing makes me happier excellent Bak Kut Teh and intimate moments.
15) If I can change one thing, I would...go back to 1999 and win her heart.
16) If smiles...can make someone feel better, then war would cease to exist.
17) Wouldn't it be nice if we could...have a Caburry? (sings to that chocolate ad's theme song)
18) If you want to, then...just be a pawn to society.
19) Money is not everything...but it certainly is something.
20) The most touching moment I have experienced is...when He gave me the hope to live again.
21) I smile when...I'm happy la!
22) When I am happy, I just...become a chatterbox.
23) If only I don't have responsible, then I don't have to be...hardworking.
24) The best thing I did yesterday was...masturbate on Akira Watase videos to wish her Happy Birthday and made her laugh.
25) If I ever write a book, I will give it this title... "Hairy Potty and the Mass Orgy at Hogwarts" "The Clouded Pawn: A True Story"
26) One thing I must do before I die let her know the truth.
27) Doing this meme, I feel...that it has wasted my precious free time but to get this Idham to donate more feels good.

Now to tag...

No one la. Malas.


YOMI said...


You actually sacrificed FA world cup? GOOD FOR YOU!! I know like none who would do that! FOOTBALL is like their LIFE or something and for Gay CHow's concert?? yucky... hoho.. Probably cause you dont want the girl to drool so much at Gay CHow but to drool at you! Wahaha! Clever tactic~!

Ah_Mike said... darling. Any final but the World Cup final!

LOL..I never thought of that tactic! But seriously, would you rather drool at me or Michael Bubly? -_-

We'll probably compromise by us going to some romantic trip rather than football or concert.

YOMI said...

Hahaa! Think about this.. your girl might go to a concert and see whoever on stage BUT who is she going back home at the end of the concert? YOU or the guy on the stage?? Hahaha! So ultimately, you win lo..

But if you let her go alone and meet tiok some random guy watching the concert also. Then, dunno lo. 50-50 chance? Hoho~ It all comes down to trust and how insecure you feel. =P

But if you give up football really lo.. kolienz cause I know guys and football are inseparatable. Sure you suffer just knowing you cant watch football.

So girls should compromise also gua, world cup final not one whole year~ So should just leave guys during world cup final season and go do girly stuff!! Hahaha!