Thursday, July 05, 2007

5ive Complainz

Got tagged by Sam. So I'm complaining (without taking any action) that:

1) I don't have enough money! For sure, money will never be enough for anyone and money isn't everything...but money is for a lot of things good and bad. The more money you have, the more you can refine your lifestyle and live like Donald Trump or David Beckham or Oprah.

2) I'm not getting enough respect. It sucks to know that there are some people I know who despised me, treated me like shit, ignored me, and not acknowledging me.

3) I need to have a physically better-looking body. Good news: I can finally gain more weight than my usual limit; Bad news: I'm getting fat at the wrong places! I currently look like a stickman, literally. OK, so I can't be hoping for the Arnie body, but muscles like Bruce Lee is something I would (or rather the girls) would crave for. As least I would be fitter, making me healthier than before. Oh, if there's a technology that can make me grow taller (without being hospitalized for a year) I'll take it!

4) I want the EPL season to be back! Yes, I know English football would only come by next month but I wanna see some footie action again!

5) I'm not funny enough. Anyone out there who can guide me to come out with better humor and less on lame jokes?

Ok, I would tag:




YOMI said...

Let me help you.. Hehe~!!

1: Money will not drop from sky, yes... But money will come if you work hard and also if you are lucky you win lottery. =P Or you can find rich wife?? =P hehe~

2: Respect ah.. You have to earn it lo. But don't demand for it because you will sure not get it when you demand for respect. =P If people treat you like shit, you treat em like shit too!! Dont care! Fight fire with fire!!

3: Physically better-looking body requires hard work and sweat, my dear. HOT body don't come automatically or naturally. Hehe~! But not necessarily that HOT body is the best. I still like chubby~!!! Hahah!

4: Oh ya hor, you one of those who like football a lot.. that department I can't help cause I dunno anything bout it.

5: You wanna be funny?? Hang out with me la. I teach you be funny. No need teach la.... Talk to me nia, you will learn~~ *tak tau malu punya pompuan!! Hahaha!!