Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Celaka, kena saman!

Ever since I started my new job, I keep coming home tired. So do bear the usually slow updates.
I love my job so far, but I do wish for more time!

OK, I admit I have failed to oblige by the road rules and parked my car on the notorious yellow line.

Yes, I deserved to pay the 100 ringgit to the fellow authorized personnel.

Yes, MPPJ is actually doing their job.


With all due respect to both MPPJ and Kelana Square....

MA CHAO HAI LA MPPJ! Do you fucking know how expensive parking in Kelana Square is or not!? Cibai RM13 for parking from 9am to 7pm! RM2 per entry + RM1 per hour + RM2 per hour after 7pm!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the bloody cock is this kind of price la!? Pay so much yet all the pay machines DON'T WORK!! CANNOT ACCEPT COINS SOMEMORE! All that money yet cannot even FIX THE DAMN SECURITY GATE AT THE ENTRANCE! Monthly ticket RM105 + RM30 deposit somemore! With my kind of salary HOW CAN SURVIVE LA! CIBAI!!!

Ah...I feel better now.

When I got back home though I saw one of my neighbor's car getting the similar ticket. So even MPSJ is going around saman-ing the poor people cars parked on yellow lines. It was the first time deep in Wangsa Baiduri that summon tickets were seen. I asked the security guards; even they told me it was the first time in a very long time. They did said it was only going to be for that I reckoned MPSJ needed some income la.

God knows what they're gonna do with the extra angpao now. Definitely not to be used to maintain or repair anything public la.