Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kenny Sia's & Cheeser's Meme on 8 different hairstyles

After reading Cheeser's meme and Kenny Sia taking up her meme in a humorous manner, I have to do this too.

According to Kenny Sia, most guys wouldn't go through that many types of hairstyles. And by looking at his photos, it is kinda true to some extent.

However, I would like to say that I am one of the few guys out there that changes hairstyle as fast as David Beckham.

I dig up my old, old photos. Boy, the photos sure brought me back memories!

OK, the list is from the sanest to the most "gila-ness".

1) The Working Haircut

My current look. Clean cut. Work- friendly. No frills.

2) The Centre-Patting

Ah, those school days. Cool Goody-boy ho??

3) The Long, Girly Hair

Mat rocker's the name of the theme.

4) The "Moffatts"Look

Some say I have antennas. Like cockroaches.

5) The Tails

Don't mind the bunny ears.

6) The Chinese Blondie!

I tried hard to look like Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII.

7) The Pinky!!

The pink was an accident. Serious.



Would you believe that this red-orange-yellow combo was done specifically for a Public Speaking exam???

Ok, so now guys, do me this meme if you got about 8 as well :)

P.S: That flame-hair only lasted 2 days. Taylor's College (at the time) decided that I was "a bad example" and I was told to get rid of it. That hair ain't cheap you fuckin' old-school college! Haih...anyway, I was also told that ever since my hairdo stunt, the college officially banned crazy-hair-colors on the campus. Whoops!


robin said...

hey mike..
when i read the entry at kenny sia the first person i thought of was u !! ahahaa didnt know u did the meme too.
so whats the next kind of hairstyle coming on the list?

Ah_Mike said...

LOL! sweet of you to think of me when you read Kenny Sia's :)

Well, every since I'm working I haven't got time to change hairdos....someone else needs to take over me soon! lol

YOMI said...

Hahaha! Better not, later you kena bomb boss at office bout your hairstyle and say you are bad influence and make bad image for company.

Cely said...

wow... u simply the best!! no one can beat u! esp the flame~

Ah_Mike said...

yomi: but...but...can go botak at office right? :P

cely: Thank you thank you :) Actually, one of my cousins beat me to the gila-ness hairstyle dy....

YOMI said...

botak?? you?? no way.. Dont~ You never right?? Your head shape???

I guess the gila-ness in hairstyle runs in the family. =P heheh!!

Ah_Mike said...

Never done it before. I assume my head shape's fine kua....see la if im really crazy again

Haha...only me and cousin are putting up the 'gila-ness' in the family lol

Ringo said...

love the bunny ears. ^^

lasilasi said...

wow i never thought guys can have THIS much of hair style!