Friday, July 06, 2007

'So You Think You Can Dance' Finale

Last week, I went to Ruums to watch the final episode of 'So You Think You Can Dance' Malaysia.

As a reward for winning the task on episode 8 of 'Please Give Me a Job!', I've gotten myself two V.V.I.P tickets to watch the show. Wee!

Even then, I hardly watched 'So You Think You Can Dance' on TV. The last episode I saw was the Ah_Beng Chris being voted out. What episode what that by the way?

Anyway, at least I know that the four finalist were Alam, Dennis, Sue and Brancy.

I met Hisham (the guy won the the job with 8TV from the PGMAJ show) and he showed us the way to the VVIP area. Not a bad view...with the media and the camera crew sitting in front of me and Ben of FlyFM just behind me. I was hoping a chun celebrity like Hannah Tan would be around, but to no avail :(.

I gotta pity Hisham though. He had to work that night despite winning the reward with me! Met up with fellow participant Nurul "Kat" Ain too.

While waiting for the show to start, I noticed that Dennis has a lot more fans than the rest. Each finalists has a section for their family and fans, and Dennis' side in particular are massively vocal. Imagine a wrestling match where the crowd chants The Rock's name....that's how loud this fans are for Dennis.

I called them Dennis' legions.

As the show began, it started of with the Top 20 finalists performing. From there it would be the duet of the sexes, with Alam and Dennis performing as a couple of nerds turn breakdancers and Sue and Brancy performing as showgirls of sorts. I could bet with you one of the judges got a bit horny seeing those two ladies perform.

A couple of commercial breaks, and there was the romantic duet of Dennis and Sue, with Alam and Brancy performing classic Malay dance next.

*error uploading video, will upload asap*

At this stage, it looked like Dennis was going to go to be the winner, with Alam coming in real close.

The Top 20 performed for the 2nd time, with a brief performance for a very chun violinist (but I dunno her name). Some hip-hop performance followed, but that was boring.

Then it came the individual stage, and that's where the finalists would really stand out.

Alam started first, and I must say...he was the one that really hype-out the crowd with this performance!

Super coolness!! He may be short, but damn, he's strong!

Then Dennis would be next. Woa, listen to the chants from Dennis' legions.

He'll be performing as...Spanish bullfighter?????

Foo yoo! The crowd's marveled with his costume! And he performed like this:

*error uploading video, will upload asap*

Ah...somehow it's missing some spark no?

Then there was Sue's and Brancy's...unfortunately I couldn't record it as I need the remaining space I had to record the announcement of the winner :(. Sorry!

So they've all performed...and now Reshmonu would performed, followed by the Top 20 for the last time.

And of course, the goodness, the wait was unbearable!

In the end....

Eheh...pai seh, my cheering disrupted the recording! I'm glad that Alam won it over Dennis...he really deserved it with that kind of energetic performance. Pity Dennis and his legions though. He must have thought his popularity would've help him. Conspiracy would say Alam won it because he's a Malay (oh come on, don't tell me I'm a racist) but Alam basically owned the final to me.

So after viewing this spectacular show...I think I might take up dancing. Maybe I'll do some tango next time.


Sam said...

Whao~! VVIP!!! Niceee~!

Ah_Mike said...

Hehe...maybe I'll see you participating in next year's So You Think You Can Dance? :D