Saturday, August 25, 2007

Champions Youth Cup @ Malacca

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Malacca to catch the game between Manchester United and Boca Juniors.

I missed the first 15 minutes of the match, so the next thing I know Man Utd were up 1-0 already. Not long after I sat on the seat, Man Utd scored again.

The crowd was only like less than 1/5 of the stadium capacity...but the crowd are much better noisemakers than the time I went to see Newcastle United vs Chelsea at Bukit Jalil four years ago.

The match was great. Face-paced passing and crosses, and plenty of scoring was definitely worth coming all the way to Malacca for :) I wished Malaysian football can be said the same though....

Anyway the best thing about seeing live matches is the crowd and player reaction.

Just look at the Boca Juniors player. Now that is passion man!

So at half-time, it was Man Utd 3 Boca Juniors 1.

For the 2nd half, Boca Juniors had been attacking more for obvious reasons. With a two-goal comfort, United sat back and let their counter-attacking do the damage.

Exciting stuff all the way...more exciting though was some Hokkein-speaking Ah Peks behind me.

Let me quote some their sentences used:

"Aiyo, he leh MU sek kia beh hiaw pass la!"
(" Aiyo, this MU kid don't know how to pass la!")

"Haha...wa ho lu je liak kiu lam sek nia"
("Haha...I give you one ball [for] blue to win")

"Neh neh kwah Saha! Ee cho ha mik??"
(There there see Saha! [they meant the Saha-lookalike striker] What is he doing??")

I just loved to hear them criticizing better than Shabby Singh. Seriously, you got to hear them in this video!



One thing I noticed about English players was their often weird surnames. Come on, if you're Nicky Butt, wouldn't some of your peers called you butthead in school?

This guy here is named Drinkwater.

It's like a reminder from my mom la. Ish, I can tell you a trip to the loo was required thanks to him.

Thankfully, he was more than just a friendly reminder. He can do freekicks, so move aside Beckham!

So he crossed and...

...well, did not exactly found his target. He's young though, so he will be as good as Beckham.

By this time, Man Utd were holding on to their one-goal lead. Boca Juniors got a goal back during the 60th minute. Nice goal, too bad I missed recording it.

United continued to hang on, and at full-time, it was 3-2. Relief and joy for the Red Devils as well as for the 90% of the Man Utd fans / glory hunters at the Hang Jebat stadium.

Of course, I came all the way from KL...takkan I want to leave the stadium without doing the meet-the-fans moment right?

So I hanged around the area where the bus for Man Utd awaits for the team. I wasn't alone of course, but I was certain that I had the best camera from all the fans!

The Man Utd players are out of the dressing room and heading straight to the bus. I missed out of some of them but those that I managed to take included:

Daniel "Your mom reminded you to" Drinkwater (Midfielder)

Antonio Byran (Forward)

Corry Evans (Defender)

And just to prove that I was there, I posed with Kieran Lee (midfielder)

Who knows Kieran Lee will be famous and be a regular on the Manchester United first team in the future? Well, when he does I could, er, brag that I met him lol.

Ok, that was lame. Anyway, Manchester United Youth team eventually won the competition, beating Juventus 1-0 in the final at the Bukit Jalil stadium. Unfortunately I was not able to attend any of the Manchester United matches after this one. Blame it on work fatigue, post-Port Dickson mood and the opening season match between Man Utd and Reading that started at the same time as the Champions Youth Cup final.

P.S: A sincere apology to Boca Juniors for seemingly being ignored in this post. Trust me, if it was Boca Juniors against Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool I would loved to support the Brazilian side. Credit to Boca Juniors for giving United some tough time as well.

Results: Manchester United 3 (Drinkwater 5", Hewson 22", Brandy 40") Boca Juniors 2 (Ilbanez 26" Colazzo 60")

My big thanks to Jasonmumbles, for not only allowing me to bunk at his place, borrowing his professional camera and sending me the huge photos, but also to lend me his car without even me asking. Oh, and also to tolerate the time when I got lost on the way back. Despite barely knowing each other well, you sure have such a good heart to help someone like me to this extend. Well, at least I know I would need to brush up on my manual driving skills ><>

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::Lord Apprentice:: said...

I wasn't sure how good these games would be, but i doubt no more. Should have gone and watched it myself *sigh*

Hopefully they have it here more often!