Thursday, August 09, 2007

The kuku of 'Negarakuku'

I'm sure most of you have read, seen and more importantly, heard of the Negarakuku song by Namewee.

Honestly speaking, this kid's quite a genius with the rapping and all...but he's quite a moron for being so insensitive.

Let's read the translated lyrics for those who can't understand Mandarin (myself included...I'm quite a banana as many of my friends would say) to get a bigger picture:

(lyrics taken from The Cicak)


Literal translation by NICOLE FOO

Intro credits:
2007 Visit Malaysia Year Theme Song
I Love My Country

(Repeat) Check it out, yo, yo, yo.

(Repeat) Negaraku, Negarakuku.

I love my country, only when you have a country you have a home
Only with a home then there will be me, standing here with you
Loudly singing, don’t be afraid
Even though I curse all the time
My song, is just like the durian
Tough and spiky, only
To see if you dare to open it, to look at the truth inside
It can be very stinky, it can be very fragrant
It only depends on what kind of nostrils you have.

Our police is called Mata
Because they have very shiny eyes
Once it’s New Year, they will be very hard working
Holding pens but they will rarely write you a receipt
Because they are thirsty, they need to drink tea
Also kopi-O, want to add sugar?
If they add sugar, their mouths will sweetly smile at you
When you are leaving
They will even go “Tata.”

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup bersatu dan maju.

This phenomenon, doesn’t need any improvements
Neither does it need strengthening, the police and the people work together
A cup of coffee keeps our relationship temperate
I so very suka
At least I won’t go home and receive a saman (fine or ticket)
My dad would sure be pissed
I would also kiong kan (swear word in Cantonese for “get raped”), with no car to drive
What to do, this time so very kao lat (an expression, something like aiyo)
With no car, how do I go out and play?
With no car, how do I wage “wild war”? (I don’t know what it means but I assume it has something to do with a girl)
With no car, how do I go and watch ah kua? (transvestites)
This country, I like it very much.

5 in the morning
There’s even a morning call to wake me up
Sometimes a few of them will sing together
When you listen to it, it’s like a love duet
The voice ululates like an R&B song
Even though sometimes they sing until it’s out of tune
Even though sometimes they even sing until their voices break
Some sound like cockerels, but they wake up earlier than them
This way we can know the time to get ready for class and for work
Don’t blame, the government only takes cares of the natives
Don’t blame, we don’t receive equal care
Only this way we can prove that we Chinese are not afraid of hard work
Only this way we can train ourselves to find a solution during hard times
Don’t feel weird about their standards
Because this only shows that we are smart (or capable)
Children who are not spoilt will not be dependant
Because you see some children are still not weaned off breast-feeding.

Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta.

People who hide in government departments are even better (even more capable)
They can do everything so slowly
Even when people are queuing, are cursing stinky lelai (what’s that?)
They’re chill and unfazed
Sometimes they even bring out their kuih
They eat their nyonya kuih
More people will continue queuing up
Even when you curse stinky lelai it doesn’t matter
Because the guard at the side is dreaming
And he won’t scold you one lah.

They wrap up their heads; walk slowly and cross the road slowly
When you pass in the car you even have to let them pass first
The most important thing is to live happily; the most important thing is to live comfortably
Don’t be like the Chinese
Busy the whole day, very tough
We really cannot NOT admire this spirit”
Because this is their attitude in life.

(Attitude, attitude)

I’ve been saying good things in this song
I believe those of you who are pissed at me will like this now
The world is peaceful, and full of hope
No one is hurt, there aren’t any riots
You’re so classy, you’re so elegant
Your shit is fragrant, and you don’t curse
You guys are the most high class, every day it’s just romancing

Listening to Guang Liang Pin Guan (this local Chinese artiste)
But he already ran to Taiwan
Private school students graduate
It’s so very tough to get admitted into local universities
Actually we don’t have to get pissed about this issue
Actually this is the a very noble plan by the government
They want us to explore the world, to find new opportunities for ourselves
To learn things and come back and repay the country
This is plan is so great, I can’t quibble about it
All over the world you can see Malaysia’s children
They’re like refugees, so very shiok (expression for orgasm or high)

2007, Malaysia’s having Visit Malaysia Year
The Chinese culture is brought out and paraded
The government doesn’t even care about private school students
The certificate is thrown into the longkang (ditch), just like me

Graduated and went to Taiwan
Learned about things, and got ready to come back to repay my country
I stood on the streets of Taipei with my guitar
But my mouth still sings.

Rahmat Bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita Selamat bertakhta.

This is how I interpret it.

Namewee had a point when it came to police corruption and the local university entry. While I felt that during the '5 in the morning' part he meant the voice behind the loudspeaker and not actually being racist, when it came to the 'Don't worry' and the lyrics after that...that was a tad overboard. Dude, I got Malay friends and they're so not like what you simply interpreted as the "relak la brother" attitude.

Actually, that part is quite a double-edge sword 'cause he could also mean the slow services we get in government departments . Nonetheless, this naive boy has cause quite a stir now in this country; the Parliament and the ISA are pretty much hunting him down.

I must ask though: why does the government want to take him in so much like he's a murderer and a rapist...when the REAL murderers and rapists are still running amok in the country and they don't get as much attention as Namewee? Does he really deserved to be Public Enemy #1?

I don't pity Namewee for his ill-advised one needs another 13 May. And seriously, leave the national-anthem remix underground. However, I do pity him for having to go through a lot of hard times in his life and I pity his family for they might get death threats already in Muar, Namewee's hometown.

In a sense, I respect him for having the balls to speak out like that. Some say he done it for cheap publicity and to hit superstardom, but even then that would take big balls to do so.

If you ask me, Malaysia would have a great harmony once the day where all races can sit at a Mamak or a kopitiam, have nasi lemak, bak kut teh and roti canai (oh, don't forget the Tuak!) all in one table, thrash-talking each other, poking fun on "taboo issues" in Manglish and CAN LAUGH ABOUT IT TOGETHER at the end of the day finally come true.

Now that's unity.

[Read Nulife's entry on the Negarakuku here]


JiNG said...

hahhaha.. How to sit down and eat bak kut teh together oo.. hahahha.. unless the mamak comes out with chicken bak kut teh.... hehe

aKho said...

clever. too bad "most" people takes it negatively.

Ah_Mike said...

jing: lol...chi kut teh lo! if not all of us just become vegetarian ><

akho: what to do...majority wins.

ivan said...

i don't think its insensitive.look at the world, eveyrone's lamblasting US at how stupid they are and yet the government don't take actions like this. it boils down to how mature are we as an individual and as a malaysian. politicians take note.

but of course i have to respect ur view too. hehehe. im goin down spore this sunday dude!

Yan said...

my interpretation:

wild war: make love in jungle/forest

chao lelai: CCB