Thursday, August 02, 2007

Of Asian girls, Western men and old men

5 days ago, I went to celebrate my PGMAJ friends Natalia's and Azira's birthday at Modesto's Sri Hatamas and clubbing at the Loft with the PGMAJ crew.

Dinner at Modesto's was great; the food, while pricey it was definitely delicious and it was fun to see the birthday girls get excited over a couple of pigs I gave them as presents. (note: the soft toy, not the real thing).

Clubbing at the Loft though was a bit of an amusement for me. OK, so it wasn't all that exciting taking care of the girls' bags while the girls head to the dancefloor, being the only 'real' guy in the group and basically drank alone...not to mention having all male strangers beside both my seat.

I decided to be observant with my surroundings, and I figured that from what I've observed:

1) There were plenty of, mature clubbers. Yes, that included the females.

2) There were about a dozen "Western man - Asian girl" couples throughout the night.

3) Same for the "old, hamsap man - young, hot girl" couples.

4) Hired dancers that were dancing on the bar was far uglier than the female patrons. In fact, I suspected one of the dancers was a man.

5) When there's like a really hot chick, all men flock to her like flies (note: I had to take care of the bags)

So after all that observation, I asked myself:

i) What does Asian girls see in a foreign men, especially those naturally blonde, blue-eyed men?

ii) Is security exactly the reason why Asian women go for those men whose looks made George W. Bush or John Howard looked more handsome?

iii) Why can't the Loft picked prettier dancers?

iv) If you are a male friend/crush of that hot chick, don't you feel insecure seeing all those men desperately asking for her number?

I heard all sorts of answers like those men mentioned being the better charmers, bigger than Kenny Sia's coconuts, gold diggers and more....but I'll like your personal opinions on these. So drop a comment on it hey!

Now...while I continue to regret not getting that hot chick's number....


Tiara said...

Because, unlike your "Asian Men", these "Western men" actually view Asian girls as PEOPLE, not as racial objects? :P

Stupid question, really. (Not saying you're stupid, just that this whole Asian/Western/other debacle is idiotic.) What the hell does it matter what race you're with?

Ah_Mike said...

That's true Tiara. Race shouldn't matter. Actually, the question I should pop out wasn't that but come Asian guy ain't after western girls as much as the opposite?

Oh yea, how about the old man thingy? Care to comment?

Hello Rainbow said...

You can have mine if you want, Phone number I mean.. but no guarantees on any after side-effects meaning if you get sick or start puking after seeing me, I hold no responsibilites! :P

Btw, my bf is western as well.. but that doesn't mean I fell in love with him because of his skin colour or eye colour.. I just did.

Ah_Mike said...

Haha...can I have your number then? :D

Well, I supposed he's unique :) Actually, the question I should ask is why asian men don't go after western women as much here.

charlene said...

I have no idea why Asian guys dont really go for western girls...

but in regards to Asian girls going for western men...

i think it's for different reasons and while some girls go for western guys because their "white" or "have blue color eyes", not all do.

Unfortunately, the stereotype exists where if an Asian girl is with a Western guy - it's because she wants to be with a White guy! That sucks..but it's the Asian mentality.

N nowadays there are quite a few girls who go for older men - that goes back to maturity and i would also say, commitment.

As girls tend to mature faster than guys, at some point, they want to have commitment, and the guy is just not ready.