Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Dizfunqtional Port Dickson Trip - Chapter 1

Yeap, it's been a long time coming....but here it is, and update!


About 7 a.m., I picked up Daniel and my cousin Jason to rendezvous at Joshua's home. We left from my friend's crib for breakfast after that...something special considering that all of us are used to having lunch as breakfast. While having our breakfast, Joshua had a marvelous idea:

"What say we steam some eggs with a car engine??"

Why not? :)

First, we got some aluminium foil.

Of course, the eggs. We brought four.

Wrap the eggs with the aluminum foil.

We wrapped the eggs with three layers of aluminum foil, since we had no idea if the eggs will break from the extreme heat.

Now that the router-lookalike wrapping was all set, we placed it in the engine compartment of the car.

We wrapped it around the handle bar tightly so that the eggs don't move around and breaking it, which would have made the car smell like fried eggs.

That's it! So we left Subang Jaya, sang all sorts of songs with a Char Siew Pau theme as we passed by Seremban (take Daft Funk's "One More Time" and change that to "Char Siew Pau"...hopefully you can imagine the sound of it :) ) and reached the township of Port Dickson.

We stopped by a kopitiam in hopes to see the results of our "Eggs on the Go". If it worked, we might start a business model of steaming food with cars.

Sorry, no sound.

OH NO! It was not even cooked a lil' bit at all :(

It was a disappointment for sure, but we haven't gave up on it yet. So we wrapped the eggs with two layers of aluminum foil and placed it closer to the engine this time.

This time though, we just left the eggs alone while we searched for items for our BBQ session...

This is our fire starter.

...and of course, searched for our hotel (named Glory Hotel). After all that hassle, I could finally say...

Hello, Port Dickson.