Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Dizfunqtional Port Dickson Trip - Chapter 4 (finale)

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We got up around 7-ish in the morning for our BBQ. Originally, we wanted to do the BBQ at 4 something a.m. but due to our love towards sleep, that never happened.

It was a cloudy morning, though I wished it was an Australian cool morning rather than the steamy hot Malaysian morning.

Morning emo

For our BBQ, we had Mongolian beef with bell peppers and onions along with the usual fish balls and sausages. Many thanks to Joshua for his efforts in marinating the beef prior to this trip.

Basically, we had a good time chatting away.

Of course, it wasn't long before camwhoring came about...

Strongman "Mr. Evil" showing his strength with the dragon fruit.

Beautiful photo, no?

Daniel flexing his muscles in vain.

Occasionally, an interesting photo would be taken like this one here:

What do you think it looks like?

Eventually, we had to leave. Drops of rain came not too long after.

Just too bad the sea wasn't blue.

We ain't leaving till we got a group shot though. A group photo is a must for any group trip.

Top (Left to Right): Ah_Mike, Kelvin, "Notorious B.I.G" Jason, "Mr. Evil" Yixin, Joshua
Bottom (Left t0 Right): Daniel, Wan Shoe, Mavis, JQ

Of course, what's the trip without finishing off with some, er, pool choreography?


I haven't had so much fun with the pool in a long, long time!

Here's one more:


From all the photos you have seen since the first chapter, you could tell that I had a lot of fun with this trip. Almost two months after the trip, I could still clearly remember the excitement and joy I had being with these guys.

Fun, excitement and joy. That's what a good trip is all about!

Thank you Dizfunqtional for making my trip to Port Dickson a highly memorable one.

Until next time, goodbye Port Dickson and hello to the sad reality of working life.


Now, where to next? I need another holiday trip already!


YOMI said...

I actually laughed so much when I watch the videos! Damn funny la! But sure seems like you guys had fun. =)

Ah_Mike said...

Keke...should you ever stay in KL someday you'll get to laugh even more LIVE :)