Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The haircut to piss my boss off

Ever since I started working, I haven't been adventurous with my hairstyle. Unlike the good old times in college / uni where I had complete freedom (almost) to do a radical hairstyle, I had to keep this "good employee" image when I began working. You know, the so called "keeping a good impression", a "professional look" and all played a major role with my clean-cut hair.

I had that "good kid" look for quite some time. And to be honest with you, I got sick of it.

It was crazy, but I decided to get into my wild side again.

I guess I wanted to test the limits. I guess it was my foolish attempt to test my boss' patience on Monday morning. I guess it was just my will to break the stereotype "office-look".

Wait, maybe I just want to piss off my boss. For no reason. Utter madness.

So I did a change of haircut.

I went for the mildest idea I could think of first. This was to know how my boss would react over a simple yet significant change over an otherwise normal cut. I still need my job leh. So if my boss got really fucking piss like he just lost a million bucks, then my excuse would be "an experiment gone wrong" or "it was the hairstylist's fault!".

So come this morning, my boss saw my hair. He approached me and patted on my shoulder.

I was hoping for the lines like "meet me at my room, now", "what the hell is that" or something like that.

Instead, I got a response of "You really showed your fire...like your hair".

And he left with a smile.

Fuck! I didn't piss him off???

Which means...

...I get to slowly do a more and more drastic hairstyle! :D

God knows, maybe I could come to office one day with this haircut?

Trust me, if I ever owned a business, I will keep this hair. Heck, I highly encouraged my staff to keep this kind of hair!


aronil said...

Hahahaha hilarious!! U know we love the hair cut lol!