Thursday, November 29, 2007

So goodbye my lover 2

My dearest,

When I first met you, I thought I found the one,
Ever since what I went through with my former love,
Sure, you acted tough when we first dine,
In the end though, you accepted what I could give.

In the early times we had, I was in hardship,
It was the time where I was in the deep,
In the happy times with those that define friendship,
It was the time where I knew I was far from a creep.

Somehow though, as time flew quickly,
Our relationship faded slowly,
Something like puppy love really,
Our love sure looked silly.

I knew my passion for you faded away,
But I never wanted to lose you that way,
I talked to you about our love that day,
But I should have known it was D-day.

Let's not deny that you treated me like shit,
That's OK, I could take the heat,
Let me however explain one bit,
That you're like a fucked-up bitch, got that?

In the end, I never did hate you,
But I knew it was over,
In the end, I never respected you,
And I know you will suffer.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My (belated) Birthday Night!

Two Saturdays ago, I celebrated my birthday along with Daniel's birthday (we are just two days apart) at Joshua's crib. Joshua became the chef for us and our guests, while our other friend Yi Xin became the official photographer for the celebration.

The night got off to a slow start. The first guest was Grace, my "date" for the night.

The Iron Chef

The next guest came like almost an hour late. Ah, the wonders of Malaysian timing.

The Paparazzi Man

The next guest, Kenneth arrived... well as Yun Hui, who wore a hot black dress just for me!

Then the other birthday boy arrived with his date, Amylin. Daniel gave me a trailer cap as a present while I got him...nothing. Damn bad of me right? :( But then it was the other way around last year...*ahem*

Don't they look alike??

Anyway, so with small group of guests, we began our feast.

Grace and I didn't had lunch imagine the "torture" we had just to let Joshua do his "waiter-job" of serving our meals. The wait was worth every second though, as his dishes (consisted of baked chicken with dunno what, angel hair spaghetti, mash potatoes and salad) made everyone as happy as the Laughing Buddha.

Cheers to good food and good friends!

So after dinner, we played two games, one called "Ha, Cho Meh?" (Ha, What You Doing?) and "007". To summarize the games, it was all about confusing the players and getting them to drink wine / Ribena-vodka as a punishment.

I tell you, we were laughing like hyenas just playing these games.

Not long into the game, Jin Li arrived. More confusion, laughter and alcohol is ensured.

The Chicks

Most of the night was pretty much spent playing the confusing games. While Grace left the scene early to meet her man (*sigh), along came Xin & Xiao to join the fray. Woan Shue came as well, and replaced Yi Xin as the camera person.

Joshua's sister Serah joined as well. She fared much better than Joshua, who had been punished a lot more than the birthday boys! So not right....

Then came the latecomers Ivan and Chloe, who both "replaced" Kenneth and Yun Hui, who both had to leave for clubbing with another group (ah, so the dress wasn't for me....)

Meet the Replacement...

Jin Li then came up with another fabulous game called "King's Cup". Basically, it's a series of mini-games that we had to do (and drinking for obvious punishments). Couple of rounds into the game, Jin Li had to go back home for curfew reasons :(

Beside a hot babe and I miserably came up with a stupid pose...-__-

But the game goes on. And to my delight, a picture of Woan Shue (finally!)

As the game went on, we laughed harder and harder. Here's one example of "Rolling On Floor Laughing":


You know it was an awesome night too went you get rare expressions like this one:

The game went on till...2.30a.m.

When the game was finally done for, we cleaned up the place and talk cock till 6 bloody 30 in the morning!

Well, I am very happy that the night was fantastic :) And I am sure Daniel loved the birthday night too.

No birthday cake, but I blew a virtual candle...wishing for one dream to come true. OK, I lied; it's several dreams and some unrealistic ones. Whatever.

While I can't say this year has been all that good to me, celebrations like these do make my 2007 a year to remember.

I mean, check out my expression and you know what I mean.

For your info, I was not drunk that night. Serious.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jack O'... Melons!? Halloween party in Subang Jaya

My, there's a lot for me to tell you guys what the fuck happened to me lately.
Btw, thank you readers for the birthday wishes by sms, phone calls and online messages :)

OK, this entry is kinda old, but I can't afford to not write about the funnest thing I have ever done this year! (at least, at that moment in time)

On Sunday 4th November, I had hosted this small Halloween party at my crib. With the help of my buddy Daniel, we brought like 5 pumpkins, 3 watermelons and 3 ingredients for Daniel to cook the dishes. A lot of work preparing for an event I tell you!

Anyway, after all that preparation, we waited for the guests to arrive. First guest: Moses. Hohoho...what better person for me to spook the living shites out of! So I switched the light with just the tea lights glowing over the room (imagine a witchcraft get the picture). I hid behind the main door, awaiting for them while Daniel sat down in front of the main door to con them to believe he was me.

Boy, I loved the sound of scared people :P Even better was the reaction of my second guests...oh, the scream!

So yea, after the guests arrived, we proceeded to the main event: Pumpkin cravings...with melons too. :) Bet even the Americans don't crave no Jack O' Lanterns with watermelons and honeydew!

I could pretty much say the guests were as excited as I was to do something they have never done before...and probably even you!

Let me introduce you the carvers:

This is Amylin. Very friendly lady, but her pumpkin's the meanest looking one among all of us!

This is Joshua. He talks to his pumpkin named "Frankie".

This is Moses. My homie, who took the longest time to make his pumpkin. Ah, his love for perfection....

This is Daniel. Ah, he's a lucky man lately! :)

Oh, and not to forget Woan Sheu (good photo unavailable) who was the camerawoman for me.

So yea, we did our designs and cam whore with our new 'friends'.

Meanwhile, I decided to do the honeydew...

...and crave out Jack Skellington of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Woan Sheu made the only female face in the 'family'. We called her Kylie Minogue. Beside her is the Crying Guy Moses made.

Joshua made one that was pretty explained in this photo.

And here's the complete family of Jack O' Lanterns:

Well, of course we're not just gonna bring it home and let it rot right? So we had all of the pumpkins and melons at strategic areas of SS15, Subang Jaya; One at that tiny park at Taylor's College. 2 at the side of Asia Cafe. Phonebooths. Roadsides. One house. It was really those moment you don't get often~

If you happened to see it around 12.30 a.m. message me please! :)

I'm glad we all had fun with this event. I would probably do it again next year, this time maybe we can like up the whole SS15!

Do read up Daniel's entry on the Halloween party.

P.S: My sympathy to the person who had to throw the pumpkins and melons away when they rot....

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Break In

Wow, I haven't updated for so long, I feel like it's my first time blogging again.

Two days ago, my brother called. He told me that our home back in Kuching was broken in. Apparently between 4.30a.m to 7a.m a burglar broke in by disassembling a window security grill at the back of our house and went straight to my parents' room, hoping to find some fortune from his misconduct.

While my parents' room was ransacked pretty bad (and bloody hell, my room too!), there wasn't any major losses. Sure, the burglar got away with some petty cash, and my mom's old watch and several jewelries...but according to my dad, it wasn't much. Oh, and rest of the rooms was left intact...apparently the burglar heard the gate opening (as my brother came back real late) and ran with his shit in his pants.

I'm glad the damage wasn't as bad as I initially thought...but more importantly, I'm really glad that my brother wasn't hurt or anything like that. My parents were still on the way back from their holiday so I'm glad they're safe too...though I pity my parents having to clear up the mess that fucker made.

This wasn't the first time my house in Kuching was broken in though. I could still recall the first time the house had a burglary attempt.

It was in 1995...12 years ago. I think it was around 3-4am when some big prick (I still recalled his fingerprints on a wall...almost double of my palm size now!) came in through the back of the 2nd floor by climbing up a mango tree the house used to have. He headed straight to my parents' room, only to encounter my dad who was just out of the washroom. A conflict was ensured, and I could recall the noises as if someone hit a cupboard and boxes dropping from the cupboard. I think my dad managed to push the guy down the stairs (or was it the other way?) but somehow he managed to escape.

And what was I doing while my dad struggled with the big mofo? I SLEPT. I slept like log, ignorant of what was happening until my mom woke me and hugged me like I was alive from the dead. Fuck, I even thought that it was nothing more than a couple of huge rats fighting.

Gee, some way to protect the family, Mike. Then again, I probably would have been taken hostage by the mofo and made the whole scenario worst. I wonder what I would be like if I was kidnapped back then, never to see my family again. Most likely to be a drug dealer I guess. Or maybe a gigolo. Er, any Datins out there wanna hire a toy boy please contact...never mind.

Anyway, I hope there wouldn't be anymore break ins to my family's house again. Or if it must happen again, please let me be aware of it earlier so that I can be legally evil and stab the intruder's balls. To be able to say "Who's your Daddy" while immobilizing them is one heck of a dream I would fancy.

Or maybe I should just stick to "Who's your Datin" thing.