Monday, November 26, 2007

My (belated) Birthday Night!

Two Saturdays ago, I celebrated my birthday along with Daniel's birthday (we are just two days apart) at Joshua's crib. Joshua became the chef for us and our guests, while our other friend Yi Xin became the official photographer for the celebration.

The night got off to a slow start. The first guest was Grace, my "date" for the night.

The Iron Chef

The next guest came like almost an hour late. Ah, the wonders of Malaysian timing.

The Paparazzi Man

The next guest, Kenneth arrived... well as Yun Hui, who wore a hot black dress just for me!

Then the other birthday boy arrived with his date, Amylin. Daniel gave me a trailer cap as a present while I got him...nothing. Damn bad of me right? :( But then it was the other way around last year...*ahem*

Don't they look alike??

Anyway, so with small group of guests, we began our feast.

Grace and I didn't had lunch imagine the "torture" we had just to let Joshua do his "waiter-job" of serving our meals. The wait was worth every second though, as his dishes (consisted of baked chicken with dunno what, angel hair spaghetti, mash potatoes and salad) made everyone as happy as the Laughing Buddha.

Cheers to good food and good friends!

So after dinner, we played two games, one called "Ha, Cho Meh?" (Ha, What You Doing?) and "007". To summarize the games, it was all about confusing the players and getting them to drink wine / Ribena-vodka as a punishment.

I tell you, we were laughing like hyenas just playing these games.

Not long into the game, Jin Li arrived. More confusion, laughter and alcohol is ensured.

The Chicks

Most of the night was pretty much spent playing the confusing games. While Grace left the scene early to meet her man (*sigh), along came Xin & Xiao to join the fray. Woan Shue came as well, and replaced Yi Xin as the camera person.

Joshua's sister Serah joined as well. She fared much better than Joshua, who had been punished a lot more than the birthday boys! So not right....

Then came the latecomers Ivan and Chloe, who both "replaced" Kenneth and Yun Hui, who both had to leave for clubbing with another group (ah, so the dress wasn't for me....)

Meet the Replacement...

Jin Li then came up with another fabulous game called "King's Cup". Basically, it's a series of mini-games that we had to do (and drinking for obvious punishments). Couple of rounds into the game, Jin Li had to go back home for curfew reasons :(

Beside a hot babe and I miserably came up with a stupid pose...-__-

But the game goes on. And to my delight, a picture of Woan Shue (finally!)

As the game went on, we laughed harder and harder. Here's one example of "Rolling On Floor Laughing":


You know it was an awesome night too went you get rare expressions like this one:

The game went on till...2.30a.m.

When the game was finally done for, we cleaned up the place and talk cock till 6 bloody 30 in the morning!

Well, I am very happy that the night was fantastic :) And I am sure Daniel loved the birthday night too.

No birthday cake, but I blew a virtual candle...wishing for one dream to come true. OK, I lied; it's several dreams and some unrealistic ones. Whatever.

While I can't say this year has been all that good to me, celebrations like these do make my 2007 a year to remember.

I mean, check out my expression and you know what I mean.

For your info, I was not drunk that night. Serious.


Dax Cheng said...

Thats what they all say... "I'm not drunk...." (then fall flat on the floor:)

Ah_Mike said...

Haha. Well, you may assume I was drunk :) Though this is no way near my dare at Sunway Pyramid!

Sam said...

Oooh! You still blog! ;)
*Looks at the picture*
Okay, now THAT is really rofl-ing!!!

ivan said...

dude, the replacements look like miniature versions hahaha. dang

Ah_Mike said...

Sam: Yea, I am still alive to blog ROFL!

Ivan: Haha yea a real-life Mini-Kenneth / Oversize-Ivan!