Thursday, November 29, 2007

So goodbye my lover 2

My dearest,

When I first met you, I thought I found the one,
Ever since what I went through with my former love,
Sure, you acted tough when we first dine,
In the end though, you accepted what I could give.

In the early times we had, I was in hardship,
It was the time where I was in the deep,
In the happy times with those that define friendship,
It was the time where I knew I was far from a creep.

Somehow though, as time flew quickly,
Our relationship faded slowly,
Something like puppy love really,
Our love sure looked silly.

I knew my passion for you faded away,
But I never wanted to lose you that way,
I talked to you about our love that day,
But I should have known it was D-day.

Let's not deny that you treated me like shit,
That's OK, I could take the heat,
Let me however explain one bit,
That you're like a fucked-up bitch, got that?

In the end, I never did hate you,
But I knew it was over,
In the end, I never respected you,
And I know you will suffer.


YOMI said...

Your this entry lagi random than mine~

- give you pat on the back - =)

ivan said...

did anything happened recently? hang on man

Ah_Mike said...

Yomi: Lol...this one got meaning one leh...not random shit :)

Ivan: No la, this is a reference to my old job.

YOMI said...

awwww~ understood. =)

Aronil said...

Hahahaha i thought apalaa.... your work aje lol...