Monday, December 31, 2007

Twenty Two

Twenty two significant events that happened to me this year:

1) Getting my driving license after six years of waiting (ask Ivan why!)

2) Becoming a cast of the 8TV reality TV show "Please Give Me a Job!"

3) Met and taken a photo with the babelious Miss Hypertune 2006 Carace Kwan...

4) ...only to lose the precious picture as well as ALL of my pictures in Australia to a harddisk failure!

5) Settled down in Subang Jaya with a two-timing landlord and two funny housemates.

6) Attended my graduation in KL.

7) Drinking pure vodka in Sunway Pyramid while playing bowling...and left wasted at the front of Starbucks Pyramid.

8) Becoming an uncle to Annabelle Cheng.

9) Made a lot of noise at Bangsar while watching Chelsea VS Manchester United FA Cup final.

10) Upset that some fucker took 1 piece of my car tayar and replaced it with his flat tayar.

11) Was at the "So You Think You Can Dance" finale.


12) Attended 8TV Wet 'N' Wild party with my PGMAJ friends and pose with Belinda Chee :)

13) Furious with some idiot that wreaked my car when it was stationary and I was out BBQ-ing with my colleagues.

14) Went to Port Dickson with the Dizfunqtional crew and having a great time.

15) Had some retro night with the same crew.

16) Drove Jason's car in Malacca just to watch the Manchester United youth team.

17) Had a blast putting Jack 'O Lanterns around SS15 Subang Jaya.

18) Took up an acting course in KLPAC and having tons of fun learning.

19) Falling in love with someone who's deeply in love with her bf...only to hurt myself and being such a fool.

20) Been job-hopping.

21) Had a miserable birthday, only to had the best party on Hong Wee's birthday two days after mine.

22) Realizing that I need a self-exploring trip next year.

While 2007 gave me a lot of interesting moments, I can't say 2007 was a better year than before...maybe I know why, but only a privileged few would know. So I hope 2008 will be better.

Happy New Year everyone. May your 2008 be a well and happy year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yam seng? What yam seng?

Of all the weddings I've been to, I would remember this particular wedding for several unorthodox yet interesting reasons.

Two weekends ago, I attended my landlord's wedding at Tai Thong restaurant in Jaya Square.

I was particularly the last one to arrive, as I overslept! Thankfully, I still managed to come right before the wedding couple made the appearance on stage. Sitting together with me are my two house mates and a bunch of people I don't even know.

There was a hot chick sitting in front of me though. Ah, I expected good times ahead :)

The nine-course meal served at the restaurant was quite good. Either that or I was too hungry. So hungry that after the first dish I've not even bothered to take pictures of the remaining eight dishes.

I made quite a mess on my table though as I accidentally spilled a bowl of vinegar on the table. Great. That wasn't what I needed to impress that hot chick. -_-

Halfway though dinner, the MC announced the crowd to prepare for the most memorial part of any wedding dinner; the Yam Seng (Chinese for toast).

I love yam sengs. To me, there's this feeling of togetherness when the crowd cheers the couple for good luck, prosperity, have many kids...and all that sweet words. Besides, it's a good reason for me to scream my lungs out and have a good time with it.

When a wedding couple is on stage, it is normal to see their respective parents be up on stage as well. However, for this wedding not only was the wedding couple's parents up on stage but so was their uncles, aunties, nephews and nieces and their dogs and cats! OK, the four-legged relatives weren't there but to see so many people standing on stage was something I had not seen in all of the weddings I've attended.

In my mind, I thought we're gonna have a hell of a time screaming "Yam Seng!"

Surprisingly...I was wrong.

It wasn't loud. It was...subtle. It was as if most of the crowd don't even dare to say "Yam Seng!" Some old grannies even looked around like they're lost in this fantastic tradition.


I swear to you, I felt my table was the loudest. And we're like the last table at the far corner.

Oh well, at least I know I was at the "happening" table. That was confirmed when the wedding couple came to our table to have the complimentary "Yam Seng" for each table.

As I gotten to know the people at my table, I managed to talk to the hot chick. Camilia's the name, and she's....married! AH, the world's not fair!

After knowing her a lil' bit, I discovered that I could not challenge her when it came to alcohol. From the 3rd dish onwards, she requested whiskey on the rocks and she was drinking it like it was water. If that was nothing, she then told me that she loves mixing beer, wine and anything hard liquor together all the time!

7-8 glasses of whiskey later and she was still as fair (though she was getting bit loud and chatty) as she was before the the first glass.

Lucky husband of hers.

To top up the night that was full of surprises for me, the wedding night finished by 10.12p.m. That was like the fastest time ever for me to leave a wedding night.

The funny people
Standing L-R: Erik, Juliet, Me!, Paul (the groom), Chooi Kuan (the bride), dunno her, dunno him, Ali's date, Ali
Sitting L-R: Forgot his name, lucky bastard, Camilia the alcoholic hottie

Well, I hope my wedding would be more happening and louder than this one.

What the fuck...why am I talking about my expectations right now!?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Extra Joss!

There's this power drink that was recently available in Malaysia. This drink called "Extra Joss Maxx" is a product of Indonesia and apparently they're the #1 power drink in Indonesia, beating even the almighty Red Bull (Is it true?).

Even Christiano Ronaldo endorses the drink!

Out of curiosity, I decided to try it out. I would need the longer lasting energy anyway as I was typing this entry at work.

After a good slip of it, all I can say tasted like a light version of Red Bull.

I am disappointed with the taste of Extra Joss, considering that at RM2.50, I would rather spend 50 cents more for Red Bull.

Then again, I brought this can specifically for an online contest from Extra Joss.

It's called the Extra Joss Challenge.

The contest is quite simple: You need to punch some animated monsters and gain as many points as you can. Gain the highest points in a week and you'll win yourself an Ipod Nano! Be the highest points throughout the contest and you even win yourself a Nokia E90! Wah, I want!

So the monsters in this beat em' up game included an eagle and a bull...which I believed it's an indirect reference to Livita (Taisho) and Red Bull!

Taisho and Red your hearts out!

One monster can't be killed though, which was the "Dyha-Man" that was supposed to represent dehydration.

You can kill the monster though by using the Extra Joss power-up, seen at the bottom-left corner. This power-up would also restore your energy meter to full bar. By default you only have three cans of power-ups to begin with, and your energy meter would actually GRADUALLY DROP as you go on getting points!

According to the game manual, you can gain more power-ups by either some viral marketing to tell your friends to click on a link (in which you gain 1 power-up per unique click), or just buy Extra Joss and put in the code number to the game (3 power-ups for RM2.50).

The people behind this game sure know how to increase the sales of Extra Joss. Cheeky.

So blatant advertising.

So I did my viral marketing, and hit the limit of 15 power-ups I can have in the game. I know I am good in these kinda games...I am so ready to win the Ipod!

After like 5 minutes into the game, I used up all my power-ups.

My points: 1650
My best rank: 92


Anyway, just click on this link to play the game yea? Trust me, it'll be fun :)

Hurry, contest ends tomorrow!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

KLPAC Scene Study class overview

Weeks ago, I attended this acting class in KL Performing Arts Centre. Yea, I want to be in a Maggie Mee commercial so I need to brush up my acting right?

At RM450 for a 6-week course I couldn’t say it was cheap, but I know if I don’t take this course this year then I never will in the future. Besides the fact that this particular acting technique called “Practical Aesthetics” was used by the babe-licious Jessica Alba, I don’t know what to expect.

Okay, I do admit that I was fantasizing Jessica Alba to be my teacher la…

Anyway, I don’t know shit about theater acting and all. Heck, I don’t even know where KLPAC is located at the time.

As I discovered the place though, I tell you I immediately fell in love with the surroundings at KLPAC. The main entrance to the place had this long and winding road that really made me wanna sing the Beatles’ The Long and Winding Road.

"the long and winding road...that leads to your door..."

It was a park that reminded me of Melbourne; single tall trees, vast landscape that you can play Frisbees with your pet dog, a beautiful pond (sadly it was kinda green…) with tasty-looking ducks and fishes. The buildings at the location were impressive as well; the old British colonial building as well as the elegant KLPAC building itself was a sight to behold.

More magnificent than the buildings was the class itself. Initially the first class session (conducted by David Lim) was ridiculously boring; it was like I was back in secondary school listening to some History crap! After the long lecture on the history of acting and the theory on how “Practical Aesthetics” was developed…blah blah blah…only then the class had gotten way more interesting.

taken from

Throughout the course, I learnt to analyze a particular scene with questions like “What is the character’s action?” and “What is the character’s stake?” as well as having an “As If” which was relating a character’s action to something that you can relate in your life. Also, there’s a fun exercise called “Repetition”, which pretty much help improved my observation skills. The point: A lot of thinking required to act! Okay, so acting wasn’t all that easy either….

The value of this course though wasn’t just on the teachings itself or the certificate that I would receive at the end of the course; it was the people I met there. These classmates are the main reason why I enjoyed this course so much; every single time I went for class I would always had a good dose of laughter. Prefect after-work stress reliever I tell you :)

Playing as Chandler of "Friends"

Oh, not to forget the hot chicks in the class! :) :)

The babes behind "Kill Bill"

During the last day, the we showcased a presentation to our invited friends. Our presentation would show people a bunch of scenes from various shows we chose to play and act out. I started the play screaming at the audience as O-Ren
Ishii of Kill Bill, followed by being Ricky (American Beauty), Hitch (Hitch), Jack (Sideways) and Chandler (Friends). And how did the presentation turned out?

Sing:"I'm wishing for the the star...I'm trying to believe..."

In a word: AWESOME! Almost all of us performed at our best…some even became the character rather than acting as the character! It was an experience to watch…and yes, someone recorded the whole presentation so I’ll do what I can to get hold of the video.

(From left to right) Linora, Grace, Ah_Mike, Suni, David, Juliane,
Stephanie, Min Li, Adrain & Gambit
MIA: Wei Jun, Salleh, Khairul

I believe you should give this class a go, regardless of whether you know nothing about acting or not. It’s worth something to learn…and it’s more worth to know people and build up your circle of friends. So do check up and sign up for their newsletters…I’m sure the next David Lim’s Scene Study class would come again next year!

Part of the play.

Now, I shall wait for the audition for the next Maggie Mee commercial!

Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!....

Read more about the course from Linora's blog here and Min Li's blog here.