Saturday, December 15, 2007

Extra Joss!

There's this power drink that was recently available in Malaysia. This drink called "Extra Joss Maxx" is a product of Indonesia and apparently they're the #1 power drink in Indonesia, beating even the almighty Red Bull (Is it true?).

Even Christiano Ronaldo endorses the drink!

Out of curiosity, I decided to try it out. I would need the longer lasting energy anyway as I was typing this entry at work.

After a good slip of it, all I can say tasted like a light version of Red Bull.

I am disappointed with the taste of Extra Joss, considering that at RM2.50, I would rather spend 50 cents more for Red Bull.

Then again, I brought this can specifically for an online contest from Extra Joss.

It's called the Extra Joss Challenge.

The contest is quite simple: You need to punch some animated monsters and gain as many points as you can. Gain the highest points in a week and you'll win yourself an Ipod Nano! Be the highest points throughout the contest and you even win yourself a Nokia E90! Wah, I want!

So the monsters in this beat em' up game included an eagle and a bull...which I believed it's an indirect reference to Livita (Taisho) and Red Bull!

Taisho and Red your hearts out!

One monster can't be killed though, which was the "Dyha-Man" that was supposed to represent dehydration.

You can kill the monster though by using the Extra Joss power-up, seen at the bottom-left corner. This power-up would also restore your energy meter to full bar. By default you only have three cans of power-ups to begin with, and your energy meter would actually GRADUALLY DROP as you go on getting points!

According to the game manual, you can gain more power-ups by either some viral marketing to tell your friends to click on a link (in which you gain 1 power-up per unique click), or just buy Extra Joss and put in the code number to the game (3 power-ups for RM2.50).

The people behind this game sure know how to increase the sales of Extra Joss. Cheeky.

So blatant advertising.

So I did my viral marketing, and hit the limit of 15 power-ups I can have in the game. I know I am good in these kinda games...I am so ready to win the Ipod!

After like 5 minutes into the game, I used up all my power-ups.

My points: 1650
My best rank: 92


Anyway, just click on this link to play the game yea? Trust me, it'll be fun :)

Hurry, contest ends tomorrow!


waterlily said...

LOL damn funny