Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yam seng? What yam seng?

Of all the weddings I've been to, I would remember this particular wedding for several unorthodox yet interesting reasons.

Two weekends ago, I attended my landlord's wedding at Tai Thong restaurant in Jaya Square.

I was particularly the last one to arrive, as I overslept! Thankfully, I still managed to come right before the wedding couple made the appearance on stage. Sitting together with me are my two house mates and a bunch of people I don't even know.

There was a hot chick sitting in front of me though. Ah, I expected good times ahead :)

The nine-course meal served at the restaurant was quite good. Either that or I was too hungry. So hungry that after the first dish I've not even bothered to take pictures of the remaining eight dishes.

I made quite a mess on my table though as I accidentally spilled a bowl of vinegar on the table. Great. That wasn't what I needed to impress that hot chick. -_-

Halfway though dinner, the MC announced the crowd to prepare for the most memorial part of any wedding dinner; the Yam Seng (Chinese for toast).

I love yam sengs. To me, there's this feeling of togetherness when the crowd cheers the couple for good luck, prosperity, have many kids...and all that sweet words. Besides, it's a good reason for me to scream my lungs out and have a good time with it.

When a wedding couple is on stage, it is normal to see their respective parents be up on stage as well. However, for this wedding not only was the wedding couple's parents up on stage but so was their uncles, aunties, nephews and nieces and their dogs and cats! OK, the four-legged relatives weren't there but to see so many people standing on stage was something I had not seen in all of the weddings I've attended.

In my mind, I thought we're gonna have a hell of a time screaming "Yam Seng!"

Surprisingly...I was wrong.

It wasn't loud. It was...subtle. It was as if most of the crowd don't even dare to say "Yam Seng!" Some old grannies even looked around like they're lost in this fantastic tradition.


I swear to you, I felt my table was the loudest. And we're like the last table at the far corner.

Oh well, at least I know I was at the "happening" table. That was confirmed when the wedding couple came to our table to have the complimentary "Yam Seng" for each table.

As I gotten to know the people at my table, I managed to talk to the hot chick. Camilia's the name, and she's....married! AH, the world's not fair!

After knowing her a lil' bit, I discovered that I could not challenge her when it came to alcohol. From the 3rd dish onwards, she requested whiskey on the rocks and she was drinking it like it was water. If that was nothing, she then told me that she loves mixing beer, wine and anything hard liquor together all the time!

7-8 glasses of whiskey later and she was still as fair (though she was getting bit loud and chatty) as she was before the the first glass.

Lucky husband of hers.

To top up the night that was full of surprises for me, the wedding night finished by 10.12p.m. That was like the fastest time ever for me to leave a wedding night.

The funny people
Standing L-R: Erik, Juliet, Me!, Paul (the groom), Chooi Kuan (the bride), dunno her, dunno him, Ali's date, Ali
Sitting L-R: Forgot his name, lucky bastard, Camilia the alcoholic hottie

Well, I hope my wedding would be more happening and louder than this one.

What the fuck...why am I talking about my expectations right now!?


Aronil said...

Hahahahahahahaha ...

Hhahahahaha I coudl hear you YAAAAAAAMMMMM sENNNNNGGGG hahahahhaa

and u were overly blur because of the hot chick in front of you