Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You call that SEXY?

I read an article about some Malaysian group proclaiming that public school uniforms worn by girls are “sexy” and that it “encouraged rape and pre-marital sex.”

According to Munirah Bahari, vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia (gee, Islamic organizations just love the headlines nowadays) she said that “The white blouse’ is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction”.


Ma’am, do you even know what sexy is?

There is nothing sexy about this picture. As attire, school uniforms in general were never meant to be sexy.

There are exceptions, like this one here:

Now, if that was the standard uniform we have here then I can understand the sexiness behind it. But that’s not what we have in Malaysia right?

Besides, there are attires that would more likely to get a man’s penis growing. The usual suspects include the lingerie and the bikini…but even a dining gown or a dress could make a man “high”.

Oh my God...

Oh my God....


In truth, horny men don’t really care about what you wear in public. If you look good on it, then the beasts would come after you. If not why do we have cases of women getting raped while they are on their office attire, or other uniforms like the nurses? Even women can get raped while they wear the “no-attraction-factor” T-shirt and jeans!

T-shirt and jeans…hey, that is decent clothes. Didn’t Munirah said “Decent clothes which are not revealing can prevent and protect woman from any untoward situations”?

Decently dressed, but do you think this would stop a rapist?

A girl can’t be sexy by attire alone. She must also have the body (ideally the measurements of 32 - 24 – 33) and the beautiful face. In fact, with the right figure and beauty she can even look sexy on any other uniform!

Are all China police women like that? :D

However, if a girl is fat…then ANY ATTIRE wouldn’t look sexy.

Yes, even bikinis don’t make fat people sexy! In fact, it’s the opposite!


Let’s not deny it. If fat girls are sexy, why are they not acknowledged by our society today? We don’t see them in most advertising. Well, we do see some, but it’s mainly on SLIMMING centres right?

Munibah also blamed the schoolgirls themselves for being “capable of using the white blouse to attract men to them”.

Aiyo, please la…if the school girls want to “hiao” there are always better ways...like the Internet web-cam to do a strip-tease with a nicer attire than a bloody Malaysian school uniform and attract the more handsome “ang-mo” on the Internet than the miserable boys or men waiting outside SMK St. Theresa!

Then there’s the case of the men themselves. Men are always portrayed as the “antagonist” when it comes to this issue. If that is true, shouldn’t I be raping someone right now? Shouldn’t the Prime Minister make rape or molestation legal then? Or just make school girls not wear anything then?

While it is true that men are easier to get aroused into sex, that doesn’t mean that men do not have moral values. That’s what moral education and self-control is for. That’s why all rapists, pedophiles and molesters have little or no moral values. If we need a solution here, it’s usually consultation, a serious punishment like death sentence…or the dark solution of encouraging them to prostitution centres to fill their sexual desires.

So in short, if you’re saying that the “revealing” uniform for school girl helps attract perverts and molesters then the following question is directed to the sinners themselves:

Alright you horny bastards, who would you be aroused from the following photo below?:

If you choose any girls from the above photo, I hereby declare that you are simply desperate and you need consultation to control yourself.

If you choose any guys from the above photo, you are simply gay.

If you choose none of the above, you're safe.

P.S. I'm glad our Education Minister Datuk Seri Hissammuddin Tun Hussein is not stupid when it comes to this.

The Star article on May 22, 2008

Read Tzy Shih's reply on the article!


Jasonmumbles said...

You could have save the fat girls picture you know, damn horrible. T__T

ahlost said...

Oh ya.. I heard from radio on this issue too. Ngaiti ~~ I didn't know I was "SEXY" for the freaking 11years in primary and secondary school *ROFLMAO*

Ah_Mike said...

jason: I needed a very clear point to the readers :P

ahlost: Yes you were "sexy", though most of the time I only saw you in T-shirt and jeans...which means you have successfully not "attract" me lol

Sam said...

Hahaha, some weird guy tried to defend Munirah on my blog. *Bang*


saykhia said...

Nosebleed! Nosebleed!!!


Until I reached that photo with the four ladies in bikinis lar. That's when I went half blind.

'Sexy' school uniform. Sometimes I wonder if they're bringing up this kinda stuff because they got no other things to talk about.

ivan said...

I think the only guy who got turned on by those uniforms is him.

~M~ said...

Yar man. When I was in St. Thom, one of my daily offenses was not wearing a singlet underneath my baju kurung (although my baju kurung was one of the thickest in the entire school. yes, seriously.)

Ah_Mike said...

Sam: The weird guy's a sex maniac!

Saykhia: Hope you've recovered from the half-blindness. Well, they bring this up cause it's more interesting than oil prices I guess.

Ivan: Who?

-M-: So did any male get attracted to you without the singlet? Or that was Daniel? :P