Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh, so now lipsticks get male dicks in Kota Bharu standing?

Thanks to the very "intelligent" people at Kota Bharu Municipal Council (MPKB), Muslim women in Kelantan are now banned from using lipstick and high heel shoes to work. According to them, this is to prevent Muslim women from "incidents like rape and illicit sex as well as to safeguard the morals and dignity of Muslim women in Kelantan".

Gee, don't they have better things to worry about? Cause this is as stupid as Munirah's take on school uniforms!

Seriously, if MPKB had all the money, guns and power they will be the next Iraq Islamist political party. And Muslim women in Kelantan will be the next women in Iraq. I wouldn't be surprise if they are dying to add this rule "Muslim woman without Islamist headscarf will be severely punished" followed by a gunshot.

Future compulsory attire for Muslim (and non-Muslim) women in Kelantan? is sad that even at this day and age we still have many people thinking so narrow-minded and living like frogs in a shell.

But lipsticks can attract rapist?? Oh come on, it's more than the lipstick would a rapist be more excited about!

I mean come on, if a rapist would rape a person simply because of a hot-red lipstick would the rapist raped this person below?

How about a fully-clothed pig then?

Anyway, I hope MPKB would come to a realization that they should loosen up on the Islamic laws and focus on more serious matters. They're not making friends the way they are now, especially about women.

Well ladies, just in case you are going to Kota Bharu:

Imagined this happening to Zouk KL!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DVD movie in cinema?

In Kuching, we don't watch the newest movies using traditional film. We use pirated DVD instead.

See what I mean?

Nah, just kidding. The DVD was actually playing a commercial from IVOQ Concept.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Alvin's Surprise Birthday Party

It was 12.08 a.m.

"Please, please do cut one slice of the cake first"

"Wait wait we all take group photo first"

"Here, let me have that one slice of the cake"

"OK everyone get ready to pose..."

"And 1...2..."





We were sitting at the Happy Valley Restaurant, enjoying our drinks and some supper. We were there right after we watched "Kung Fu Panda" (hilarious show by the way!) and that the restaurant was already a preplanned destination after the movie. Surprisingly, Alvin did not suspect anything as we mysteriously agreed to go to Happy Valley without any other kind of debate or options (usually we take bloody ages just to decide where to go).

Again, as this was preplanned we had two other friends, Moses and Hong waiting for us at the restaurant. Those two had to miss our movie night for the sake of getting Alvin's birthday cake to be brought and hidden there. While Alvin would probably had a slight startle with their appearance, he still had not suspect any kind of surprise.

If I was him, I would be getting paranoid, and my spider sense tingling. Especially when within the next few minutes it would be my birthday.

So at 5 minutes to midnight, Moses went to get the cake, and we distract Alvin from viewing his back by talking to him. And when he did looked at the back I was expecting a big Mr.Bean-like facial reaction from him...

...but then it was nothing more than a stoned and emotionless look. Like Gay Cow Jay Chou in Initial D.

We would think that maybe he had known about the surprise, but actually he was shocked.

So the plan worked. We did the usual birthday ritual (singing Happy Birthday, etc) and ate the cake and left to sleep or to watch Germany lose to Croatia.


The end.




Oh by the way, when we had our group photo:




P.S. (1) It was too fucking expensive to buy a whip-cream only cake specifically to smack his face down; and the main cake was too nice to do the lesser-known birthday ritual (come-on, not on the blueberry sponge cake!). So hence we make do with just a slice of the cake. Bummer.

P.S. (2) The actual group photo with him freshly smacked was taken using Chok's camera and not mine :( So a photo update will come soon ya!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Permai Day Trip

Welcome to Permai.

Not exactly the most beautiful beach I’ve been to…but this beach sure gave me a lot of wonderful moments.

Last week, we were to do a picnic trip down to Matang Park. Somehow, Daniel came out with the idea to the beach at the last minute…which I’m happier with since I love the sea and sand! Although the morning was raining (of all days!), that didn’t stop us from going to Damai Beach Resort…until the placeh was full of people. So a change of plan and that was how we ended up in Damai Rainforest Resort. Hmm…the best of both jungle and ocean :)

I tell you, the moment I saw the sea I can't help but to strip and soak myself with mother nature (after a short, sweaty time kicking a ball around with the boys). We were in the sea for hours, simply enjoying the nice mix of the warm ocean sea and the cold water from a small waterfall nearby. Of course, we did head back to our picnic spot and enjoyed Emmelina's sushi plus other snacks :)

After that, it was back to the sea, with more "stunts" and being sakais when it comes to discovering fishes in the sea.

Photographer: Nian Chyr
Standing: Daniel, Emmelina, Man with Boobs, Alvin
Sitting: Chok, Moses

The ladies! :)

Four forms of meditation. Err, yea.

A test of strength.


There was this group of people that came down to the beach as well...I must say, my eyes were pretty much on a girl in pink bikini top :P

While we continued to have our own fun (and my eyes can't stop looking at that girl's boobs beauty, Chok decided to live up his childhood dream of being an endangered species.


Anyway, we decided to play beach football. Not long later, the boys from the other group wanted to play with us. With some of them calling themselves "Ka Chuak" (Cockroach) and "Handsome", you'll know they're a bunch of fun lunatics!

And it was fun playing with them until one of them kicked the ball too hard, in which resulted to Daniel getting sand in his eyes. So the game was over as Daniel had to clean his eyes.

After the incident we decided to pack up and move up to the Waterfall Pool. The water's so cold, my nipples were, erm, never mind.

Somehow, our new "buddies" can't have enough of sports. So we ended up playing volleyball.

And we ended up being underwater for 10 seconds as part of our punishment for losing our matches with them.

Ah, can't wait to go back to Permai and have fun again! I got this feeling it'll be next month :) Anyone wanna follow me?

Read Emmelina's take on the trip here.