Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rainforest World Music Festival 2008

Yea, now only I got time to write this! So don't complain it's old news!

Finally, after years of missed chances, Chun Chow and I went for the the 11th edition of the Rainforest World Music Festival!

Initially we wanted to go to the workshops in the early afternoon but due to last-minute changes, we came around 4.30p.m plus, missing out most of the event. It was a blessing in disguise though; it was packed to the max, and the workshops were nothing more than a mini-concert.

So we walked out and around, bumped into my boss, my ex-gf and a couple of our friends, and had a quick dinner. We then proceed to join my cousins and their friends, as they "book" a spot already. Thanks couzzies :)

Before the alcohol.

It was unfortunate that it had to rain the night before, as the main area for the concert was seriously muddy. That didn't deter me from stepping on the mud though, as I wanted a clear picture of the first performance.

Nerdy MC's are cool. Check out his waist!

So the MC was out to announce the opening act, the crowd went wild. As for me, I'm happy that the first performance has to be the hot babe from Kani'd :)

If you read the preview of this event I happened to like one of the performers. I figured out that her name was Sharon, as there were her fans screaming "I love you Sharon!" beside me as she sang on her own on one of their songs.


A good start to the show nonetheless. though the smell from the mud was a torture.

Next up was Sarawak Cultural Village resident band Tuku Kame. I wasn't able to take pictures of them as they were on the 2nd stage. Their music was something of a mix between local Sarawak music with Wong Fei Hung inspired hits .

The following band was truly awesome though. Polish band Beltaine has this upbeat Celtic music that got everyone jumping at front of the main stage.

Adel Salameh from Palestine was next, also performing at the 2nd stage. Let's just say their music was a cue for a break. No one could dance to the ultra-slow Muslim music.

And then there was Yankande from Gambia/Guinea. The leader of the group apparently loves his "equipment".

"Do you like my equipment?" says male to big booty.

I knew after this band would be Japanese Taiko drummer Hiroshi Motofuji. In anticipation that he would be the best one of them all, Chun Chow and I walked our way through the deeper muds at the 2nd stage way before Yankande was finished with their African music. The 'journey' destroyed my shoes in the process (I know, I made a terrible mistake wearing shoes to the party).

Thankfully, we were correct.

Mr. Hiroshi knew how to get the crowd go wild!


And somemore!


The last group was Sheldon Blackman of Trinidad & Tobago. By this time I was quite tired from all the dancing and walking around so I was not really paying attention to their music.

This guy though, caught my eye.

It's Rudy of Hitz.FM!

So despite a muddy affair, I guess I'll make it for next year's RMWF. See you there on July 10-12 2009!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks Kenny Sia...but it's Chelsea!

Sorry, the RMWF entry will come soon. Been busy with work and this entry has some urgency to write up on.

Kenny Sia had a competition for readers to win tickets to watch Chelsea FC training at the Shah Alam Stadium.

Since the competition was so easy to participate (simply by asking Scolari questions), I thought I might as well join for fun. I would not be likely to win it anyway, so I just test how crap my journalism skills are now la.

Or so I thought.

I ACTUALLY WON!? you so much Kenny Sia!


This is Chelsea we are talking about here. This team is really chio-c la!

And I have to go all the way to The Gardens to get it. I don't even have money to buy toilet paper want me to buy air ticket to KL meh?

Haih...funny that I won two tickets to laugh at Chelski...I emailed Kenny Sia and hope that I can either get somebody else to collect it for me...or a lucky Chelsea glory hunter fan gets it because I can't bloody get it.

Now, if you are a woman working as a model in KL, and more importantly a fan of Chelsea (or just a fan of Frank Lampard/John Terry/Michael Ballack/Cashley Cole etc) I will give you the tickets for free. That's if I can get Kenny Sia to allow me to get someone (you perhaps) to get it under my name la of course.

Why so generous you asked? Simple:


So there's no way I would watch the Blues!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preview of Rainforest World Music Festival 2008

Last night, Chun Chow and I went to The Spring to watch the preview of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2008. Three of the 16 performers of RWMF were at The Spring for us to listen and know what to expect this weekend.

It started around 7.30p.m. with the first group called Oikyataan performing.

The group's music has a blend of traditional Indian folk style and a contemporary sound (which explains the bass guitar and drums). The beat was not something you could go all groovy-crazy...but if you could imagine a slow-tempo Bollywood dance then yea, imitate what you've imagined.

Next up was a local group called Kan'id. Unlike Oikyataan, this group consist of youngsters rather than uncles with a guru as lead singer. And the youngsters are mainly females with 3 or 4 guys playing the more "manly" instruments like guitars and drums. Their music was focus on their ancestral Kelabit songs, but with a twist of modern pop-rock influence on certain parts of their songs. I could dance to the beat...but keep the Bollywood imagination going with a slightly faster tempo.

Best thing about their group? A hot chick as part of their gang! I tried my best to take a close-up picture of her, but unfortunately the drugs in me worn out, and I ended up being you know la what happens when you tried taking pictures with not-so-steady hands.

Actually, my hands were out of sorts from the preview already...making most of my photos unusable :( Yea, call me crap with the digicam for all I care. And my best shot with Kan'id was blocked by...

...Chun Chow!!!! !@#!#$!$! >(

I resorted to video, just to let you know who I was referring to as "hot chick".


Uh, do not forget the whale? Saving whales is so 90's. We need to save our country's politics instead!

Anyway, the Kuching crowd wasn't all enthusiastic so far. Normal la.

The last group called Kasai Masai brought in the sounds of Congo. Of the three, I like this group's music tempo the most. Given the right environment, I would be dying to move my body to their beat already. Ah, normal Bollywood dance routine can do dy :)

At first this group didn't seem to be able to bring some spirit to the crowd just like the other two. All that changed when the lead singer interact with the audience and persuaded them to follow the lead singer's action.

It was a nice change of atmosphere to the event. I managed to observe one lady getting excited with the fun.

Then the lead singer shake his booty. Beyonce would be so proud of him.

The crowd loved it. And as for the lady...

...she got too excited!

Anyhow, the show ended slightly pass 8.30p.m. While I wouldn't be able to listen to Oikyataan or Kasai Masai again I can get to see that hot chick again listen to Kan'id this Saturday :)

So yea, to all who's going to Rainforest World Music Festival 2008, have fun and for those who is coming on Saturday let's make it a wild, wild night!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Frankie & Moses' Belated Birthday Party

Meet Frankie and Moses, who are both born on July 4th.

(Don't they look alike?)

Being good friends we are, we brought the “Americans” (what is July 4th to you?) to a pub called Terminal One the following night. These good friends include:

Daniel, Lydia and Alvin (and Frankie)…

As well as Debbie and Chun Chow (and Frankie)…

And of course, the ever so lengcai host,

ME~ (ah, I love ego-boosting statements).

Oh, I almost forgot about Hong, who came later.

So how was the night?

To be honest, Terminal One wasn’t a good pub for us to go. Music wasn’t great, alcohol was expensive and the crowd’s age was equivalent to your father. Wait, make that your father’s father. No MILFs to make up the age too.

The only reason why I chose Terminal One for the birthday couple are simply because of the decent-looking waitresses.

Meet Ivy. She's actually about as pretty as Selena C. of no, I wasn't drunk.

Even then, it was a shame that they rather entertain uncles and completely ignored our table. Gold-diggers I must say.

Anyway, it wouldn’t matter much as the focus was still on Frankie & Moses. So I got the DJ to announce their birthdays and sang the compulsory Happy Birthday song while we pose for a group photo…

...but as we sang we took out their initial presents…


While Frankie got away with it (he sensed something wrong, and I so happened to not respond quickly with the cake in hand), Moses had the mouthful of it.

Ah, what a sight to behold!

After some clean-up, we eventually gave them their real presents. Moses, as he was nicknamed “Van der Sar” in our futsal games was given a pair of PUMA V5.08 (oh how geeky) goalkeeper gloves.

The correct way to greet your opponent.

Frankie, being an avid fan of Manchester United, now has the latest Manchester United away kit to wear.

Of course it’s fake la, you think we can afford an original for him gah!?

PIC: "Not-The-Real-Man-Utd" Chairman Ah_Mike, Manager Sir Alvin and captain Hong unravel the club's new away kit together with the new, flamboyant yet alcoholic striker Frankie at Terminal One. Frankie has cost the club 250ml of Vodka. Meanwhile, goalkeeper Moses Van der Pink (hidden) may be loaned to Aku Mabuk FC, having failed to save a ball with alcohol in recent weeks.

After unraveling the presents, Moses decided to be a macho man and finished off the remaining Vodka.

And with the end of our liquor, our hunger struck and we left for Petanak Market for some Kolok Mee (and flirting with one of the chicks that served us). Everybody got home feeling fine. Which sucks a lot ‘cause I wanted either Moses and/or Frankie and/or myself wasted.

Actually, I lied.

Moses suffered the most :) Having vomited all out while we ate our noodles, he was clearly the weakest one for the night.

Oh, and about him being a macho man and finished off the remaining Vodka…

…that was WATER.