Monday, July 07, 2008

Frankie & Moses' Belated Birthday Party

Meet Frankie and Moses, who are both born on July 4th.

(Don't they look alike?)

Being good friends we are, we brought the “Americans” (what is July 4th to you?) to a pub called Terminal One the following night. These good friends include:

Daniel, Lydia and Alvin (and Frankie)…

As well as Debbie and Chun Chow (and Frankie)…

And of course, the ever so lengcai host,

ME~ (ah, I love ego-boosting statements).

Oh, I almost forgot about Hong, who came later.

So how was the night?

To be honest, Terminal One wasn’t a good pub for us to go. Music wasn’t great, alcohol was expensive and the crowd’s age was equivalent to your father. Wait, make that your father’s father. No MILFs to make up the age too.

The only reason why I chose Terminal One for the birthday couple are simply because of the decent-looking waitresses.

Meet Ivy. She's actually about as pretty as Selena C. of no, I wasn't drunk.

Even then, it was a shame that they rather entertain uncles and completely ignored our table. Gold-diggers I must say.

Anyway, it wouldn’t matter much as the focus was still on Frankie & Moses. So I got the DJ to announce their birthdays and sang the compulsory Happy Birthday song while we pose for a group photo…

...but as we sang we took out their initial presents…


While Frankie got away with it (he sensed something wrong, and I so happened to not respond quickly with the cake in hand), Moses had the mouthful of it.

Ah, what a sight to behold!

After some clean-up, we eventually gave them their real presents. Moses, as he was nicknamed “Van der Sar” in our futsal games was given a pair of PUMA V5.08 (oh how geeky) goalkeeper gloves.

The correct way to greet your opponent.

Frankie, being an avid fan of Manchester United, now has the latest Manchester United away kit to wear.

Of course it’s fake la, you think we can afford an original for him gah!?

PIC: "Not-The-Real-Man-Utd" Chairman Ah_Mike, Manager Sir Alvin and captain Hong unravel the club's new away kit together with the new, flamboyant yet alcoholic striker Frankie at Terminal One. Frankie has cost the club 250ml of Vodka. Meanwhile, goalkeeper Moses Van der Pink (hidden) may be loaned to Aku Mabuk FC, having failed to save a ball with alcohol in recent weeks.

After unraveling the presents, Moses decided to be a macho man and finished off the remaining Vodka.

And with the end of our liquor, our hunger struck and we left for Petanak Market for some Kolok Mee (and flirting with one of the chicks that served us). Everybody got home feeling fine. Which sucks a lot ‘cause I wanted either Moses and/or Frankie and/or myself wasted.

Actually, I lied.

Moses suffered the most :) Having vomited all out while we ate our noodles, he was clearly the weakest one for the night.

Oh, and about him being a macho man and finished off the remaining Vodka…

…that was WATER.


ahlost said...

Owh.. Happy (belated) Birthday to Frankie & Moses :)

Frank said...

thank u very very much. it was great!

ivan said...

lol man. you were drunk la dude. hehehe

btw, happy belated bday to frankie and moses.