Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preview of Rainforest World Music Festival 2008

Last night, Chun Chow and I went to The Spring to watch the preview of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2008. Three of the 16 performers of RWMF were at The Spring for us to listen and know what to expect this weekend.

It started around 7.30p.m. with the first group called Oikyataan performing.

The group's music has a blend of traditional Indian folk style and a contemporary sound (which explains the bass guitar and drums). The beat was not something you could go all groovy-crazy...but if you could imagine a slow-tempo Bollywood dance then yea, imitate what you've imagined.

Next up was a local group called Kan'id. Unlike Oikyataan, this group consist of youngsters rather than uncles with a guru as lead singer. And the youngsters are mainly females with 3 or 4 guys playing the more "manly" instruments like guitars and drums. Their music was focus on their ancestral Kelabit songs, but with a twist of modern pop-rock influence on certain parts of their songs. I could dance to the beat...but keep the Bollywood imagination going with a slightly faster tempo.

Best thing about their group? A hot chick as part of their gang! I tried my best to take a close-up picture of her, but unfortunately the drugs in me worn out, and I ended up being you know la what happens when you tried taking pictures with not-so-steady hands.

Actually, my hands were out of sorts from the preview already...making most of my photos unusable :( Yea, call me crap with the digicam for all I care. And my best shot with Kan'id was blocked by...

...Chun Chow!!!! !@#!#$!$! >(

I resorted to video, just to let you know who I was referring to as "hot chick".


Uh, do not forget the whale? Saving whales is so 90's. We need to save our country's politics instead!

Anyway, the Kuching crowd wasn't all enthusiastic so far. Normal la.

The last group called Kasai Masai brought in the sounds of Congo. Of the three, I like this group's music tempo the most. Given the right environment, I would be dying to move my body to their beat already. Ah, normal Bollywood dance routine can do dy :)

At first this group didn't seem to be able to bring some spirit to the crowd just like the other two. All that changed when the lead singer interact with the audience and persuaded them to follow the lead singer's action.

It was a nice change of atmosphere to the event. I managed to observe one lady getting excited with the fun.

Then the lead singer shake his booty. Beyonce would be so proud of him.

The crowd loved it. And as for the lady...

...she got too excited!

Anyhow, the show ended slightly pass 8.30p.m. While I wouldn't be able to listen to Oikyataan or Kasai Masai again I can get to see that hot chick again listen to Kan'id this Saturday :)

So yea, to all who's going to Rainforest World Music Festival 2008, have fun and for those who is coming on Saturday let's make it a wild, wild night!


Chun Chow said...

oi... not my fault wei! u could taken another shot wat =P

Apple said...

Oh..I may go for the Sunday session, depends on whether I can get the tickets or not. I'm looking forward to watch Hiroshi Motofuji, the Japanese taiko performer.

Ah_Mike said...

chun chow: lol well I tried many times for another shot after that...failed :( Oh by the way, I got mild food poisoning from my dinner after the event =_=.

apple: Oh yea, the taiko fella has a rock music background so he should be awesome! Can't come on Sat?

ahlost said...

Update on RWMF liao.. update update liao :P