Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rainforest World Music Festival 2008

Yea, now only I got time to write this! So don't complain it's old news!

Finally, after years of missed chances, Chun Chow and I went for the the 11th edition of the Rainforest World Music Festival!

Initially we wanted to go to the workshops in the early afternoon but due to last-minute changes, we came around 4.30p.m plus, missing out most of the event. It was a blessing in disguise though; it was packed to the max, and the workshops were nothing more than a mini-concert.

So we walked out and around, bumped into my boss, my ex-gf and a couple of our friends, and had a quick dinner. We then proceed to join my cousins and their friends, as they "book" a spot already. Thanks couzzies :)

Before the alcohol.

It was unfortunate that it had to rain the night before, as the main area for the concert was seriously muddy. That didn't deter me from stepping on the mud though, as I wanted a clear picture of the first performance.

Nerdy MC's are cool. Check out his waist!

So the MC was out to announce the opening act, the crowd went wild. As for me, I'm happy that the first performance has to be the hot babe from Kani'd :)

If you read the preview of this event I happened to like one of the performers. I figured out that her name was Sharon, as there were her fans screaming "I love you Sharon!" beside me as she sang on her own on one of their songs.


A good start to the show nonetheless. though the smell from the mud was a torture.

Next up was Sarawak Cultural Village resident band Tuku Kame. I wasn't able to take pictures of them as they were on the 2nd stage. Their music was something of a mix between local Sarawak music with Wong Fei Hung inspired hits .

The following band was truly awesome though. Polish band Beltaine has this upbeat Celtic music that got everyone jumping at front of the main stage.

Adel Salameh from Palestine was next, also performing at the 2nd stage. Let's just say their music was a cue for a break. No one could dance to the ultra-slow Muslim music.

And then there was Yankande from Gambia/Guinea. The leader of the group apparently loves his "equipment".

"Do you like my equipment?" says male to big booty.

I knew after this band would be Japanese Taiko drummer Hiroshi Motofuji. In anticipation that he would be the best one of them all, Chun Chow and I walked our way through the deeper muds at the 2nd stage way before Yankande was finished with their African music. The 'journey' destroyed my shoes in the process (I know, I made a terrible mistake wearing shoes to the party).

Thankfully, we were correct.

Mr. Hiroshi knew how to get the crowd go wild!


And somemore!


The last group was Sheldon Blackman of Trinidad & Tobago. By this time I was quite tired from all the dancing and walking around so I was not really paying attention to their music.

This guy though, caught my eye.

It's Rudy of Hitz.FM!

So despite a muddy affair, I guess I'll make it for next year's RMWF. See you there on July 10-12 2009!


Sam said...

LoL, her name is Sharon Lugun. They've got a blog y'know. Their pics and names all listed there.