Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks Kenny Sia...but it's Chelsea!

Sorry, the RMWF entry will come soon. Been busy with work and this entry has some urgency to write up on.

Kenny Sia had a competition for readers to win tickets to watch Chelsea FC training at the Shah Alam Stadium.

Since the competition was so easy to participate (simply by asking Scolari questions), I thought I might as well join for fun. I would not be likely to win it anyway, so I just test how crap my journalism skills are now la.

Or so I thought.

I ACTUALLY WON!? you so much Kenny Sia!


This is Chelsea we are talking about here. This team is really chio-c la!

And I have to go all the way to The Gardens to get it. I don't even have money to buy toilet paper want me to buy air ticket to KL meh?

Haih...funny that I won two tickets to laugh at Chelski...I emailed Kenny Sia and hope that I can either get somebody else to collect it for me...or a lucky Chelsea glory hunter fan gets it because I can't bloody get it.

Now, if you are a woman working as a model in KL, and more importantly a fan of Chelsea (or just a fan of Frank Lampard/John Terry/Michael Ballack/Cashley Cole etc) I will give you the tickets for free. That's if I can get Kenny Sia to allow me to get someone (you perhaps) to get it under my name la of course.

Why so generous you asked? Simple:


So there's no way I would watch the Blues!



Anonymous said...

Let's Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!

ahlost said...

Congrats ~ though you're not going *LOL*

saykhia said...

HAHAHAA. I understand your reasons of argument. But still. If only you could have gone... And bring a crate of rotten eggs with you. Eleven, at least.

You know what to do. ;)