Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things to prepare before the next blackout comes

Kuchinglites, I bet you never expected such a serious blackout to hit Sarawak last Saturday. I wasn't too and I hope it would never happen again. I mean, I'm not used to seeing lots of cars on Kuching roads, especially heading towards the airport! We should be glad that it didn't occur during the opening of the Olympics...or else heads will roll at SESCO.

Then again, news has it that the blackout may recur in the next few days.

So in anticipation for the next coming blackout, here are the following lists for you to prepare:

1) Ice - Lots of it in fact. The weather last Saturday was so incredibly hot I had to get out the house hoping for some wind. If you're lucky you'll get the cooling rain during blackout, but otherwise you'll need the ice from the hot and stuffy weather.

2) Food & drinks - Preferably potato chips and beer. You don't want to drink warm beer either so get a coolant (with lots of ice of course) and put the cans in there for a while. Should you feel sleepy from the eating and drinking then it is a good thing. Even better should you get all drunk.

3) Candles & torchlights - Duh! Unless you have a gifted ability to see in the dark or you're planning to be Dare Devil, please get yourself some light to see. Besides, your girlfriend would appreciate the romantic-ness of walking together with a candle. Just don't tell her about a ghost standing behind her.

4) Board games & playing cards - An essential equipment to have during blackouts. Unless you're a chatter-box, conversation with your friends can run dry in a short maintain the socializing time by conquering their land in "Risk" or being the richest guy in "Monopoly". Or just win their money in Blackjack, Poker and Big Two (Tai Ti). In any case, time should fly pretty fast from these activities.

5) Boombox / Ipods / PSP - Ah, a modern touch to wasting time away in the dark. Practice your shuffling / dancing skills with the boombox, sing your lungs out to summon rain with the Ipod, and beat the crap out of your rival in Winning Eleven...until all the batteries ran flat.

6) Book - Er, not really to be honest. Unless your friends are boring or if you have no friends then it's safe to have one book...or rather a magazine (Playboy included) to kill the time away.

Now that you have prepared all the following lists, I highly recommend you to go to the parks. More specifically, the Friendship Park at Jalan Song. Friendship park is not only cooling, but the park is peaceful enough and have enough space to do all the following activities stated above! Couples having a romantic time there will definitely be turned off by our presence though. Hehe.

So there you have it folks. I hope you guys are ready for the next power failure. Or maybe we should just forget about it and live the normal life.