Monday, September 22, 2008

Pussy VS Printer

I love this video!

I've been watching this for like the 17th time already and yet I still can't stop laughing at that cat!!!

I wanna keep that cat made my Monday a lot better, especially today's nonsense in the office.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh for the love of pork leg!

Last Saturday night, I went for a dinner at the Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw-Ihaw Grill & Restaurant.

Located two shops after the Police Station at Jalan Pandungan, this was the cafe my mates have been talking about for months. According to them this restaurant boasted one of the most talked-about dish in town, which was obviously their signature Pinoy-styled pork leg. (there's a Pinoy name for it...will get the official name soon)

With my taste buds calling for curiousity (and my fetish for pork) I had to give it a go! Shame though that I had to miss a very important football match (Liverpool vs Manchester United) to for the sake of food. Meh, no ASTRO ESPN at the restaurant!

Anyway, I ordered a fresh avocado juice as we waited for the star dish.

If you don't mind the slight sourish after-taste, this would be a good choice for the health-junkies. Not many restaurants in Kuching provide avocado juices, and at RM3.20 it's a reasonable price for the size of the drink. More importantly, the juice really is fresh; not some other crap processed juice some other restaurants would claim "fresh"!

Due to the anxious wait for a scoreline from the match, I never observed how long the restaurant took to ready our meals. But when the dishes came, the sight of it clearly took my worries away from the match.

The Pinoy pork leg came together came with two different sauces; one was the ordinary chillie and black vinegar sauce. The other was a unique, belacan-like sauce that I've yet to figure out what was inside.

And the pork leg? In a word: AWESOME!

The crispiness of the pork skin, together with the softness of the pork fat makes it one of the best dishes I've ever had in a while. It's clear now why this dish made the restaurant famous. At RM24 for a medium-sized dish, you must order this!

Of course, my mates and I wanted to try out other Pinoy dishes such as this interesting soup in a pumpkin (again, I can't recall the name of the dish).

The soup is coconut milk-based with some pumpkin, cooked together with ingredients like fried onions, pieces of chicken, corn and long beans. The long beans were crunchy, so for those who prefer the softer taste of long beans then it's not for you. For all the fancy presentation, the soup is just like your regular green curry kurma. Not sure about the price of this dish though.

We also ordered a light Pinoy-style soup. (Once again, I dunno the Pinoy name of it)

My apologies for the photo; here's a close up of the soup on my bowl:

Dissappointingly, this dish was nothing more than a salted vegetable soup, with pieces of chicken bones that hardly had any meat, tomatoes, carbage and carrots in it. Let's not be bothered with the price of this will order something else better.

To sum it up, I would highly recommend coming for their signature dish and not expect much from their other dishes. If you love pork, this you shall not miss~!

Meanwhile, Manchester United lost to Liverpool 2-1 at Anfield. Bloody hell.

Oh by the way, a true Pinoy restaurant should always have this very special dish that Fear Factor fans would appreciate; the Balut. While off the menu, owner Andrew has such a delicacy at his restaurant. Afraid at first, I didn't really want to order it. When I got the guts to order it though, the owner told me that I was lucky (or unlucky) that one of his chefs took the balut back already and hence I could not order it.

Damn it, just when I thought I could do a Andrew Zimmern moment.